Visit me at 13 Gears

13 Gears Promo Post Image

This Saturday on February 10th from 11:30am – 6:00pm I will be selling my books at 13 Gears, an eclectic steampunk event located here in the Twin Cities. I have been a participate in this event for a long time now, in fact this will be my forth time vending at 13 Gears. I’m a huge fan of the steampunk style, genre, and overall vibe. In fact, the spellcheck on my computer knows the word extensively. It doesn’t even question it. 13 Gears is the premier steampunk event, convention, and happening in Minnesota for the entire year. There will be costume contests, tea eating competitions, and live music.

Click Here to be taken the 13 Gears Main Page

I have always loved the Steampunk genre. The first book I published, Beware the Ills, had Steampunk elements. Giant airships, gear-laden mechanical crossbows, and a steam-powered mutant were a few characteristics I swiped from this elaborate universe. The first short story I ever had published called Lobo, which is now included my Seven Monsters anthology was steampunk. My favorite short story I have ever wrote called Demonland in I Sing Constellations was also steampunk. When I’m done with the Greenland Diaries in the next five years I plan on writing a fantasy/steampunk epic for traditional publication (or at least hoping to).

So, please come on out to this awesome event. I’ll be selling my books, signing them, and dressed like a woodsmen Mad Hater. The event is located in the old grain belt brewery in northeast Minneapolis. It serves as a perfect backdrop for all the awesome cosplay that is going to arrive. Hope to see you there and have a good weekend!


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