Monday Musings 2/5

Feel a little better that the Vikings lost to the eventual world champion Eagles. They were a great team. The Eagles destroying the Vikings was no fluke. Now that Philly has won a championship, maybe the fans can relax a little bit.

  1. I’m making a new narrative jump into the Greenland Diaries universe. I’ve found myself hating the fact that I write so many tidbits of standalone characters in this world and never continue their journeys. So, I’ve decided to sort of prolong one story besides the normal flash fiction I release weekly. The first two entries in the narrative are Drive and Safety. The story follows a pair of guys trying to travel from Alexandria to Saint Cloud after the drum has started here in Minnesota. I might do this with other flash fiction I’ve written from this world, so don’t think these characters you momentarily get attached to are gone forever.
  2. So the preliminary release date for the fourth Greenland Diaries book (Days 201 – 260) is September 2019. I don’t have an exact date down yet or anything. Hell, I haven’t even wrote the book. I have outlined it though, and, well, that is something. Originally, I only wanted this series to have only five books in it, but because of the amount of days and length of each novel, I’m thinking it’ll end up being six total. In the fall coming up here I’m going to release my final short story collection of standalone fiction stories in the vein of Seven Monsters and I Sing Constellations. Should be a good one. Stay tuned for more details.
  3. Ugh, I want to be good at social media, and I know people that use it effectively really make a name for themselves, but in comparison to what gets posted on these maven’s newsfeeds, I’m really pretty boring. Also, I’m a writer, and I would rather write down my experiences and share them than take a picture. Blogging weekly is enough social media for me. To be honest the best bit of promotion I can offer are these pieces of fiction I write strictly for my site.
  4. I can see why the majority of entrepreneurs or small business owners fold in one year. There is a ton of knowledge or lessons you have to learn on the fly. I have wanted to quit multiple times. Sometimes it is a lack of money. Actually, that is the primary problem. When you work the normal full-time job, you have the benefit of the weekly or biweekly paycheck. Selling your books for a living makes you instantly miss this consistency. You need to save what little money you have between events or quarters. I know this going into my second year, but wow did I learn the hard way.
  5. Do you ever feel a pressure to be caught up on cool media from society? Books, television shows, movies, or even video games seem almost trivial unless you’re current with new releases. I feel this momentum sometimes, whether it is Game of Thrones, or a new Marvel movie. Strangely though, everyone has certain pieces of storytelling they’re comfortable with or can replay.


– I have only one real jotting this week, which is that my grandfather William Demuth died this past Thursday. It was expected. He was in hospice care. It was still sudden and traumatic. I was able to be there for his passing, but death is not easy in any shape or form. He was an amazing grandfather. He would take me to school as kid when I was being bullied on the bus. He would buy me books, games, and comics. He would be there for me all the time. I loved him very much. I will miss him.


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