Monday Musings 1/8

Well, it has been quite some time since I’ve written one of these. It has been a solid month since I’ve written anything close to a musing.  We should have a lot to talk about, but I always find myself wandering into random memories when writing these things. Here we go.

  1. You may have noticed the internet now identifies this blog, website, or my online personality as The Greenland Diaries instead of my author page for Patrick W. Marsh. I’ve caved. I’ve gone all in and decided to make this apocalyptic series my number one artistic focus. Over the next six years I will close out the series, along with writing some other fiction to support the universe. People have really responded to The Greenland Diaries, so instead of fighting the gravity this series produces, I’ve decided to embrace it fully. I will still do other projects in my spare time, or whatever you call it, but for now and the foreseeable future I am the Greenland Diaries. I need to give these monsters their due.
  2. The holidays were good, except we had a horrifying outbreak of the stomach flu in my household. We got hit hard by it. I spent New Years Eve in the bathroom, and not for alcohol related issues. It was awful. As a parent nothing can prepare you for these events. Just hope you have a good support structure out there to help you out in this situation. My parents along with my sister-in-law were fantastic during it. Right after the stomach flu finished up we all got a horrible chest cold, which was especially hard on my twin two-year-old boys. It was also negative temperatures outside while this was all happening. Ugh.
  3. I have been releasing fiction from the world of the Greenland Diaries every single week on here, plus I’ll be adding more stuff on Saturdays. I have been really working hard on producing good, emotional, and mysterious 500 – 1000 words snapshots of this apocalyptic universe. If you’ve read the books, I want you to be rewarded with this free bonus material. If you haven’t read my books, I want you to be able to read a standalone story that elicits an emotional response while giving you a hint about my monsters.
  4. I have sort of hit my slow months for events. December and January are always quiet. In February, I’ll be starting up again selling my books at venues. This year is way better than last year in me practicing my business acumen. You must plan for those slow periods. I have said it a hundred times on here that to make it as an artistic entrepreneur you have to have some business education, even just a few courses from a community college. The knowledge I obtained from that exact environment has been priceless to me going forward.
  5. This week on Craft Corner I really wanted to talk about understanding artistic process when it comes to your personality. When I started out writing, I only wanted to be known for one thing, or practice one type of writing. I think as a young artist or writer you feel like having a limited palette might protect you from the constant rejection that accompanies all creative crafts. When you get more experienced though, and cut your teeth on a variety of mediums or styles, you start to realize that your interest in a voice is temporary, and because your art evolves along with your personality, you will never just want to do one thing. The Greenland Diaries is my major project for right now, but it will change just like my own personality. I recognize that evolution. When I’m done with the series I might not even care about monsters anymore. This mystery is what makes these creative trades so rewarding.


  • Been watching Black Lagoon on Hulu. The show is like Cowboy Bebop on water. The heroine in it is very unlikable, yet, relatable. Trying to stomach her violent character is worth the watch alone.
  • Got a Switch for my stepsons for Christmas. Have to say I’ve played it more than them. Breath of Wild is one of the greatest games I have ever played. Visually it is stunning. I’m kind of afraid the portability of the Switch will kill my treasured 3DS.
  • Black Mirror continues to be one of the best shows on television. Dark, thoughtful, and creative, the series continues to remind us how powerful science fiction can be in limited quantities.
  • Hope everyone had a safe holiday. Thank you for reading.

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