Visit me at the Source Comics & Games

GD DAYS 141to200

On Saturday October 14th from 1 – 3 pm I will be reading and signing books at the Source Comics and Games. I will have all my books on sale, including my new release and third part in my series The Greenland Diaries: Days 141 – 200. This is the final event specifically for my new novel. I will be at Crypticon 2017 here in Minneapolis, but that isn’t until November.

To find out more about the location of the event and the Source Comics and Games please click HERE.

I’m super excited to be at this venue for multiple reasons. I have been a huge fan of the store for pretty much forever. I have been going there for years, but none as avidly as when I was in high school and anime was just starting to become big here in the states. These were the early days of DVDs, so VHS was still prevalent. I remember saving up money from birthdays, holidays, and random chores. Anime was ridiculously expensive back then, but I still ended up buying Record of Lodoss War, Ranma ½, and others. There was also this awesome glass case where they kept Final Fantasy merchandise, soundtracks, and action figures. I could never afford that stuff. So needless to say, besides just being an awesome business and comic haven, the Source Comics and Games is a bit of personal lore for me. So, come on out and support me this Saturday. If you get bored there is plenty of awesome things to look at. Thank you everyone for your continued support. Hope to see you there.

Monsters, monsters, everywhere.


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