Monday Musings 10/9

I survived the three events in six days. It was amazing. I had a wonderful time at each reading and convention, and I’m happy to be able to talk about my writing and stories so enthusiastically with people. I’m truly blessed, so thank you everyone for the continued support.

  1. To be clear, in the last week I’ve done a book signing at Barnes and Noble, a reading and signing at the North Hennepin Community College Bookstore, and was a vendor selling my stories at Fall ComiCon here in Minnesota. I’ve taken pictures of each event and will write a big recap of all the venues once my final book signing for The Greenland Diaries: Days 141 – 200 happens at the Source Comics and Games on Saturday October 14th from 1 – 3 pm.
  2. I’ve got about three weeks left until I start my NaNoWriMo project. I’m very excited to work on just one project for the entire month. The book I’m planning is young adult specific, if that is a thing. It is going to be about a little boy who is part of this mythical truce between humans and monsters. He is slowly turning into a supernatural creature, and in turn finds out about this pact and his place in it. He is also exposed to the secret forces surrounding everyday life. This fiction is a commentary on my own personal struggle with depression and anxiety.
  3. It is always interesting to be a part of convention where I get to talk to other artists, writers, and creators. The amount of dreams floating through the air, between conversations, and hanging on every image of each story could power a trip through deep space. I hope they all get somewhere. I really do. I’ve never been around so many talented people in all my life. It can be daunting, but also invigorating knowing that I’m in the same category. I want success for everyone I meet.
  4. On Hulu, they have a bunch of the old Nickelodeon shows from when I grew as a kid. Rugrats, Rocko’s Modern Life, and a bunch of others that invoke nostalgia. I never would have thought I would ever be watching these with my own kids. The thought never crossed my mind when I was young. I was so focused on making it to the next day, school year, and summer vacation. Being a kid was beautiful, but also rough. The world constantly felt bigger than it should.
  5. This week on Craft Corner I wanted to talk about the idea of investing in emptiness. Doing this writing-job-thingy, I’m constantly putting myself out there at events not knowing what to expect. They’ll either be a success or failure, you’re guaranteed one of the two. Sometimes you have a momentous day selling your books. Other days, nobody shows up at your event. Still, you have to invest in the opportunity to be great regardless of the outcome. This is a hard lesson learned. Still working on it.


  • Still haven’t watched the new Bladerunner. People have been rabid in their criticism. How perfect does it have to be? I’m just excited for a sequel.
  • My wife and I’s favorite restaurant closed right by us. We had no idea it was having problems or whatever. I’ve been reading in the news that it is a tough time for the local eateries. Having four kids means if we go out we spend over a hundred dollars for people to enjoy themselves. This is a week’s worth of groceries. Now I realize why this is happening.
  • I’ll be talking about some of the short stories I’m working on soon.
  • Ergo Proxy is weird. Good concept, but hard to know what is happening because the visuals are so dark. I feel like an old man watching it.
  • Have a safe week everyone!

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