Monday Musings 8/7

Been a little while since I’ve written any musings. I have been doing more events recently, which is good because conventions are one of the few ways I make money consistently. I’ve been trying to focus on recaps, and not musings or fiction stories, but you must do it all, so here I am.

  1. I’m currently in the proof review of the Greenland Diaries: Days 141 – 200. This is the first time I’ve had a proof edition to work with for one of my books, and also had the proper time to edit it. The book is super good, by far the best in the series. I have complete control over the voice at this point. I know how the book series is going to end (In two more books of course. I need to drain every bit of honey out of my most popular series) so the plot isn’t wandering without purpose. I still focus on what might happen to a person’s psyche in this apocalypse. This is the strength of the narrative, besides unbelievably unique monsters. I do have pre-orders up and going on my store. The book should be released in September. Already up to 21 copies spoken for, so reserve yours quickly by clicking HERE.
  2. I’ve been going back and forth about whether I should keep offering new stories up online here for my readers in the hopes that they’ll buy my books. My poor editor, the Modern Leper, gets emails weekly, which echo my emotional inability to decide. One thing to remember when publishing stories on your blog, that might be it for them. Other publishers or literary magazines may not want to publish previously published work. However, every short story I write on here is from a universe about one of my books. They’re written specifically with my readers in mind, to expand the universe they’ve already invested in. I’m trying to lure people into the settings that my novels and short story collections elaborate so well. Ugh, this paragraph is further proof of my inability to decide.
  3. So, what the hell is going to happen to my pop culture world when Game of Thrones ends? I’ve been watching it for forever. I had a completely different life when it first started. Is the universe going to cave-in on itself like some ravenous black hole? Game of Thrones and the Walking Dead were assuredly the horsemen of this Golden Age of Television. When they’re gone, an era of media will have concluded unmatched by other levels of popularity. Game of Thrones is already half-over for the season. Deep breaths. Deep breaths. We’ve still got Rick and Morty. We’ve still got Fargo. We’ve still got House of Cards. Still, Game of Thrones set the standard for long form television. It once again showed how cool fantasy can be if you develop the story patiently with relatable characters.
  4. Looking forward to the fall here in Minnesota. Summer has flown by. It is hard to believe we’re already into August. I’m excited because my first bit of consultancy work is ending soon on a book I’ve been preparing for self-publication. My friend and colleague Joseph Crowe has written a book called Stony Point Station, a science fiction novel and part one in a series. He hired me to help him prepare the book for self-pub. The book will be released on October 13th. More details will be forthcoming. It is an excellent story. He has barely needed me. Hopefully this is the start to more consultancy work in the future. I loved it. It feels good to help other people with their journey.
  5. For my Craft Corner, this week I wanted to talk about a mistake I made with my own writing. In the past, I would never plan my time well enough, or save enough money to get a proof copy of my self-published books. I would get a digital copy for free, but not the physical copy that mimics exactly what your book will look like. Get the flesh and blood copy. There are things you will ALWAYS miss while editing on the computer versus having the paper in your hands. You must. You must. You must. I have regretted this endlessly. It has deeply set back my career. I’m now in the process of getting physical proofs for all my books and reediting them over the next six months. DO NOT BE LIKE ME.


-I’ve been watching Fargo on Hulu recently. I love it. I was a fan of the Cohen Brother’s original film. The tv series is better. I’m of course from Minnesota and currently live here, so I love watching a story that has so many familiar landmarks, both geographical and cultural.

-I succumbed and got myself something nice recently. I purchased Ever Oasis for Nintendo 3DS. I love it. I love it so much. Games are getting better. It is the perfect mixture of resource management, dungeon crawling, and story one could hope for from the team behind Zelda: Majora’s Mask.

Sales of the Week: Currently, I still have four books on sale for a buck on the Kindle: Beware the Ills (my first novel and my favorite)The Greenland Diaries (my most popular story)Seven Monster (my first short stories I got the rights to), and DOL 39 (Kindle exclusive story that rivals The Greenland Diaries in creativity). THEY WILL NOT BE ON SALE MUCH LONGER SO ACT NOW. Also, I’ve updated my Patreon rewards.  Give it a look. Click HERE to visit my Patreon page. It is the best way to support me. You get free books too. Just saying…



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