Visit me at Chapel Con

This coming weekend I’ll be a vendor at Chapel Con in Albert Lea, MN. This will be my first time at the event. This is also the debut year for the con. I have no idea what to expect. I’m hoping for tons of people. This will be my first time leaving the Twin Cities area to sell my books. I haven’t been that far out of the country before. Hard to believe I’ve been doing conventions since 2013 and never roamed out of the skyscraper shadows. Selling my books and writing is my fulltime job now, so new conventions are just another cog in the process. I’ll be there Saturday and Sunday the entire time at my vendor table.

For more information about Chapel Con you can click HERE

I’m excited for some of the guests at this convention. I might be brave and go talk to a few of them, specifically Lou Ferrigno, who we all know from the classic Incredible Hulk television series. Back in the day of super popular cable television (the 90’s), I would watch reruns of this program on the Sci Fi Network during the day in the summer while my parents were at work. I remember the show was usually on after an old Gamera movie or horror flick in the late morning or early afternoon. Occasionally, I would time it just right to catch the end of the scary movie and be traumatized. Most of my summers after 6th grade was spent home alone, so if I exposed myself to something terrifying the results were me hiding in my room or afraid to go outside. Is it any wonder that I sometimes write horror to try and relax my fears?

So, if you’re in the area for the first ever Chapel Con in Albert Lea, Minnesota, please stop by and check it out. There will be a variety of activities for all age groups, a ton of celebrity guests, and a bunch of awesome vendors.  I will be selling my books. I will have artwork as well, possibly. I will even have my 3 for $25 deal going, which is a savings of $20 for my books. Should be a magnificent event. See you there!


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