Book Sale

the_drum_cover_for_kindleGreenland Cover Remastered

Well, with my inventory restocked and a new focus on my Greenland Diaries book series I’m ready to announce a couple of more book sales via my online store. With the Greenland Diaries expanding to a third book this fall I thought I would offer some bundle packs for people interested in joining the apocalyptic fray. There are two new combos available. There is the 2 for $20 deal with free shipping where you can pick any two Greenland Diaries book or poster for the price of twenty dollars. You can mix and match, book and poster, book and book, and furthermore. This, like I said also comes with free shipping and handling anywhere in the United States.

My other combo of unimaginable power is my 3 for $25 deal with free shipping where you can also pick any three Greenland Diaries books or posters for the low price of twenty-five dollars. Yup. That’s a freaking amazing deal. You might ask yourself how am I supposed to make money with my sudden drop in prices for my books? Well, I finally did the metrics on pricing and I discovered what would be an excellent deal for my customers, along with being financially viable for me. All that bank teller experience is finally paying off. Yay to running your own business. You only seem to learn from costly mistakes.

Here are the exact savings:

2 for $20 = A savings of $10 from buying the books or posters outside the combo.

3 for $25 = A savings of $25 from buying the books or posters outside the combo.

Now it is time for the good old-fashioned midwestern guilt. This is how I make my living, selling books and writing. If you’ve been waiting for a deal to pull the trigger on my popular book series, now is the time to do it. Buy my books. The Greenland Diaries is unlike any other apocalyptic story you’ve read. The monsters are incredibly unique and scary. The character’s POV is crude, error-ridden, and poetically realistic. The side stories you can get in The Drum augment the spookiness of the setting. You will not regret investing in this series.

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