CONvergence 2017 Recap

Thought I would do a little CONvergence recap. I must admit I’m still a coward about asking people for pictures so there are no images with this post. Maybe next year. I always say that. But…maybe? Anyways, I had a fun time at CONvergence being an invited participant. I moderated and attended panels. I roamed about the event like a silent blob beneath a microscope lens, marvelling at all the magnificent cosplay. I never think I have much to offer in terms of information on a panel, but the moment I get up there I find myself pulling insane references out of nowhere to benefit the conversation. Luckily, like any major convention, no material is actually obscure. At CONvergence, someone always knows what you’re talking about.

The programming staff is awesome at CONvergence. I’m incredibly thankful to be participating in the event. I found myself on some panels I wouldn’t have expected, including Asian Folklore 101 and Cultural Diversity in Comics. In both panels I was the moderator, which meant I merely had to guide the conversation and not completely contribute. That was good, because I had little knowledge of what the panelists were talking about. Next year, I’m hoping to be more involved with programming so I can create some panels that directly relate to me in terms of writing. Stuff like Popular Apocalyptic Media, What it Would Take to Wander the Wasteland, or Obscure Anime You Think Nobody Knows. Yes, I have been thinking about it already. I’m excited.

During CONvergence, I also had the Art on the Lawn Event I take part in at the Robbin Gallery. On Saturday, I had to go back and forth between each place, which was hectic. I was out in the sun selling books, then running back to the convention to panel. I was exhausted. Not a ton of people showed for the Art on the Lawn Event. This year there was no food truck or live music, plus the local newspaper printed the event date on the wrong day. Still, I sold a few books and I’ll keep doing it in the future. It was still quaint and relaxed, and you can’t ask much more for a selling environment. There is a mean batch of flies that reside nearby that love to bite my legs. Every year they’re there. How do they know?

All in all, it was a busy week between the two events. I had a fun time meeting some friends on panels. I’ll be there next year, but hopefully I’m on a panel called Faceless Monsters that Hunt at Night. Thank you again for all the support. Big thank you to Joe Crowe, Ashley Faye-Marlene Curnow, and Kris Lerwick for hanging out with me at the con. Have a great week!

Sales of the Week: Currently, I still have four books on sale for a buck on the Kindle: Beware the Ills (my first novel and my favorite)The Greenland Diaries (my most popular story)Seven Monster (my first short stories I got the rights to), and DOL 39 (Kindle exclusive story that rivals The Greenland Diaries in creativity).  Also, I’ve updated my Patreon rewards.  Give it a look. Click HERE to visit my Patreon page. It is the best way to support me. You get free books too. Just saying…


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