Monday Musings 6/26

This will be my final week of quiet before I’m doing multiple conventions for the next couple of months. I’ve been eager to get things going. The only way I consistently make money is if I’m out there selling my books. I took some time off from selling to finish the 3rd book in the Greenland Diaries.

  1. One last promotional push for the book sale I’m hosting this Wednesday June 28th at the Robbin Gallery. It will be open to the public from 4:30 – 7:30 pm. The event is completely free to attend. There will be half-a-dozen authors there selling their books and ready to engage in conversation about a variety of topics. Many genres of writing will be available for purchase. This is a fantastic opportunity to be exposed to the local literary scene and to support independent authors. There will be some free food as well. I kept that fact for the end to hook you in. I’m an eternal college student. I will always love free food.
  2. I’m amid rebranding myself, which sucks because I’ve tried to do it a few times and I’ve never fully committed to it, or I’ve panicked and headed in the other direction. When you start running your writing like a business, you look at your books as products and not pieces of your artistic soul. It is a strange sensation. You then start to realize that selling yourself as an author isn’t as effective as selling your most popular brand. The modern buyer or audience doesn’t want to be distracted by your personality. They want the best story you have. I’m currently rebranding myself as the Greenland Diaries, and not Patrick W. Marsh. Sounds confusing? Well, it is. I’m just starting to figure it out.
  3. There a bunch of people from an old part of my life long abandoned who are progressing and accomplishing things. I don’t talk to them anymore because of some friction due to my actions, which were systematic with my past emotional insecurities. Confronting depression the last two years of my life has made me realize what a loose cannon I was beforehand. I would like the chance to apologize, but that also invites the possibility for more drama. Life is complicated. If any of those people see this post I just want to let them know how sorry I am for being so volatile. Also, how proud I am of them for all they’ve done.
  4. As I edit the 3rd Greenland Diaries story I can see the monsters as clear as ever. I’m happy with how they’re turning out. Make no mistake about this story, the monsters are the central character. Despite the limited POV of the narrator, the monsters are dominant, focused, and the star of this green nightmare. Whenever I sell the book I tell people the monsters are not aliens, zombies, genetic freaks, or mutants. I cannot even express in words how important they are to me as a writer.
  5. This week in Craft Corner, I wanted to talk describing pointless human actions in your stories. I’ve noticed with the revision of the 3rd Greenland Diaries, I spend a ton of time describing details about the scene, which would be automatically assumed by any normal thinking human. This tendency to over-describe is an ailment all writers suffer from at some point or another. There are many times your audience, especially the modern one, will be able to picture a fictional scene better than you think they can. We’re so saturated now. Everyone has been exposed to almost every genre. Don’t underestimate your audience and waste their time on boring details. A screw driver, table lamp, or doorway don’t need to have pages dedicated to their chipping paint or rustic decay.


House of Cards has gotten too outrageous. I still like the show, but I really don’t know where else it can go. I liked the last season, but it certainly embraces the slippery slope shared by power and madness.

– Happy that June is finally ending. Like I mentioned earlier, a slower month in terms of book sales. Excited to heading into some conventions and events.

– Don’t become an entrepreneur unless you have self-discipline. I had none when I started. Ugh, what a painful growing experience.

Attack on Titan season two is all done. It went by incredibly fast. This is my favorite piece of media right now. The monsters and situation is insanely unique. Love it.

Sales of the Week: Currently, I still have four books on sale for a buck on the Kindle: Beware the Ills (my first novel and my favorite), The Greenland Diaries (my most popular story), Seven Monster (my first short stories I got the rights to), and DOL 39 (Kindle exclusive story that rivals The Greenland Diaries in creativity).  Also, I’ve updated my Patreon rewards.  Give it a look. Click HERE to visit my Patreon page. It is the best way to support me. You get free books too. Just saying…




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