Monday Musings 6/5

Another birthday weekend gone by. More birthdays, more birthdays, birthdays everywhere! It is fun celebrating them, but wow, they’re a lot of work. It makes me appreciate my parents even more. Today, or this Monday is a sad little anniversary for me. This marks the two-year mark from when I put my dog Millie down. She is in the author photo on my home page. Facebook reminded me, which I normally appreciate except for the sad moments of course. Memory is a knife with two edges.

  1. By the end of the week I will have finished the Greenland Diaries: Days 141 – 200. I’m really excited to be done. I’ll be happy to be moving onto a new project. I love to write the Greenland Diaries, but it is emotionally taxing. It is a grim story, and most of it takes place in my hometown with my dead dog. Obviously, to get the details right I must revisit memories, which can sometimes be depressing. There are always emotional speed bumps you encounter as a writer. The more you write, the more you can control how many vibrations echo through your soul.
  2. I’ll be hosting a book sale at the Robbin Gallery on June 28th at 4:30 pm. The event goes until 7:30. I’ll have more details emerging, but I’m excited to be hosting this for a bunch of different writers. I will also have my books on sale. I’ve organized readings and meetings, but never a book sale. I’m looking forward to the challenge of getting people to attend.
  3. I have started to write some more short stories and flash fiction on this website like I used to before I launched myself into the Greenland Diaries sequel. I put one up a few weeks ago called Ebon Keep. It was a nice mixture of fantasy and horror, plus I got to include one of my favorite settings from a video game ever. If you google Ebon Keep you’ll find the setting that inspired me so thoroughly. Click HERE to read Ebon Keep.
  4. I went and watched Alien: Covenant. I really liked it. The Xenomorph has always been a top five monster for me. The movie drifts away from the Xenomorphs being the focus of the story, and more into arguments about artificial intelligence and creation. Michael Fassbender plays David from the original film, and he captures this hopeless conundrum of an AI who wants to create, but can’t because of his own artificial capabilities. His performance alone is worth the price of admission.
  5. This week on Craft Corner, I wanted to talk about studying classical storytelling vs modern storytelling. I have rather broad descriptions for both terms, but in a nutshell classical storytelling is media that was produced 50 years ago, and modern storytelling is stuff within the last few years. I do my best to study, read, and watch both. You shouldn’t be completely obsessed with current material, and you shouldn’t be obsessed with the past. I think as writers we strive to be comfortable, but the past and the future will never offer that setting. I think for me I understand that classical literature brought tools to modern literature. Studying storytelling from years ago, you can see the connection to today, and vice versa.



-I’ve been tearing through season two of Attack on Titan. Love it. What a groundbreaking show. I mean seriously. If this were a live action series it would compete with Game of Thrones.

-YA fiction has really started to interest me as a writer. I’m renting books for my stepsons from the library. I think when I finish the Greenland Diaries over the next few years I’ll toy around with writing in it. I’m looking forward to switching things up.

-Been watching Fairy Tale with my stepsons before they go to school in the mornings. Some of the less crude anime is good for preteens to watch because they add some of drama of real life into them. The characters tend to deal with complex emotions. If you know what your kids are watching, anime can be an educational tool.

-We’ve had sunlight for three straight days. This beats 10 days of rain. Wow. I felt like I could nap all the time with the clouds fixed to the sky.

Sales of the Week: Currently, I have four books on sale for a buck on the Kindle: Beware the Ills, The Greenland Diaries, Seven Monster, and DOL 39.  Also, I’ve updated my Patreon rewards.  Give it a look. Click HERE to visit my Patreon page.


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