Monday Musings 5/22

Minnesota has felt like that stormy snow globe Coraline’s parents get locked in, only it is rain and not a blizzard. I promised myself I would be never be a casual weather conversation creature thing. However, I have been exactly this on my blog. I realize now it is a method for people to ease into other conversations. Weather is a global thing. We all experience it. It is the mundane first-step to musings about monsters.

  1. I have been incredibly uncomfortable working on just the Greenland Diaries: Days 141 – 200 for the last few weeks. I’ve talked about it often on here in the last few weeks. This is one of the few times other than these Monday Musings that I’ve focused solely on one writing project. I have breathed, drank, and ate Greenland Diaries. I’ve dreamed about it. Shared plot points with people who sort of but not really care about it. This must be what it feels like to be a fulltime writer. I’m lucky to experience it.
  2. Going off Number One, I have always been the type of person not to put all my eggs in one basket creatively. I constantly pursue multiple creative projects at a time in the effort to be successful. It is like throwing darts at the dartboard without really aiming. This is the first time I’ve directed my missile at a bullseye. I think/hope this is a sort of common event for any creative entrepreneur trying to make it. You eventually get tired of relying on the randomness of success, and you go with what works. You examine which of your projects is being rewarded by the universe and you redirect your energies into it. In my case, it is my most popular series The Greenland Diaries, which has been slightly successful in whatever medium I put it in. God, I’m terrified.
  3. I think I might start writing some nonfiction again, only I will link it to the Greenland Diaries and where I got some of the inspirations from. I can feel my nonfiction muscle getting a little weak. I need to exercise it. Going off Number 2, my desperation for success has resulted in a variety of efforts to cross-train myself in other genres. I did this through creative writing classes in higher education. However, getting all these assorted styles to orbit the same mass has always eluded me. I might as well give it a try.
  4. This is a very introspective Monday Musings. Sorry if you were expecting something different. I’m writing this on a rainy, Sunday morning. My depression is a little nuts right now. I’m on edge with just about everything and everyone. These musings are helping me at least get focused on my professional life. I’m fortunate to know what that is for me. Most people spend their entire lives fighting their passions and living in jobs that’ll go nowhere. Right now, I’m free of that, and focusing just on my writing, which makes me happy. I can only do this with your support, so thank you for reading my work.
  5. This week on Craft Corner, I wanted to talk about suspense. In the Greenland Diaries: Days 141 – 200, I’ve just introduced a character who could basically have all the answers about why this apocalypse is occurring, but I can’t divulge all the answers in a single journal entry, or else the suspense of the situation would be lost. Writing suspense is such a marathon and not a race. The mystery of what is happening in The Greenland Diaries drives the reader through the narration. If I give them the grand finale before the end of the program, what is the point of sticking around?


-Watched Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2. Teared up. Had some good messages in it. Such a great and unapologetic comic universe.

-Slowing pushing my way through Diane Wynn Jones book The Islands of Chaldea. I’m going to miss her light and playful YA voice. I can see why Hayao Miyazaki wanted to adapt it. It was perfect for his poetic, yet, innocent style.

Sales of the Week: Currently, I have four books on sale for a buck on the Kindle:Beware the Ills, The Greenland Diaries, Seven Monster, and DOL 39.  Also, I’ve updated my Patreon rewards.  Give it a look. Click HERE to visit my Patreon page.


One thought on “Monday Musings 5/22

  1. I appreciate your comments about trying to narrow your focus a bit, instead of being the proverbial “Jack of all trades”, or at least that is what I read. I too, am trying to focus exclusively on a fantasy novel, but sitting with that is so hard sometimes. I get lost in a poem that rattles around or an essay on a particular topic or worry over this issue or that in my life. The weather affects my mood as well sometimes, and I appreciate hearing someone else acknowledge the depression that seems prevalent for many in the writing world. Thank you.

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