Monday Musings 5/15

Summer has hit in full swing here in Minnesota. I’m thinking it is just a matter of time that while I’m taking the dog out a June Bug gets caught in my curly hair. Undoubtedly, the neighbors will hear an unholy scream bellow out in the night. You wonder where I get all these nightmares I write about from.

  1. Books and Beer Pop-Up Bookstore was a success for me. I sold some books, drank a delicious IPA, and met some awesome people to swap stories with about writing and reading. Thank you, Scott for including me in the event. I will for certain be there in the future. A brewery was the perfect place for the book sale, and not just because of the alcohol. Breweries are where people go these days to share fellowship. It is laid back, cheap, and the environment makes you want to talk to people, because you literally see other people socializing from afar. It isn’t always like this for conventions. These are the events of the future.
  2. This Thursday, I’ll be hosting a poetry reading at the Robbin Gallery for my past instructor and friend Brian Baumgart, plus a collection of other poets. Normally I’ve just done readings there for myself, so I’m finally getting to host an event, and I’m ultra-stoked for it. They’ll be lots of great poetry and invaluable exposition about why they even wrote this stuff. It is Thursday at 6:30 pm at the Robbin Gallery. Be there. Be there. Be there.
  3. I’m halfway done with the third book in The Greenland Diaries. Whew. I can’t even believe it. The amount of new plot devices being incorporated into this story is mind-boggling. Here is a quick list: New monsters, old monsters, aging monsters, hidden mirrors, water monsters, new character, old characters, countryside, and humility. Yup, I could not have made that more cryptic. They’ll be actual details about the third volume emerging in the next few months. Click HERE to learn more about The Greenland Diaries.
  4. Talking to so many writers at the brewery event reminded me how lucky I am to do just writing for a living. Everyone there had day jobs, or the typical 9 – 5. I’m so lucky to be doing this and living my dream. It wouldn’t be possible without my amazing wife who is willing to see it through. Today is our dating anniversary, and I just wanted to say thank you for being mine and letting me be with you. I love you Geneva Marsh. I know I’m a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, but wow, I wake up every day smiling because I have you. Happy anniversary!
  5. This week on craft corner, I wanted to talk about reading. I don’t know if it needs to be mentioned as much as I think it does, but if you’re an aspiring author, you should also be an avid reader. It is easy for me to get distracted by the availability of media through my phone and television, but whenever I do I remember to pick up a book. I’m always flabbergasted about how amazing this medium is, and that it is the truest form of storytelling. Read. Even if it is comic books, manga, children’s books, or whatever. Being a writer, language seeds into our subconscious and unless you want that well to go dry you need to replenish it. I started to burn out my diction recently. I immediately hit the library for some new muses. Read. Read. Read.


-Finished Blue Exorcist with my Stepsons. Great show. Good morale questions. A very typical anime story and trope, but still works.

-Been playing A Link Between Two Worlds again. Love that game. Classic reimagined better. That is a hard equation to find.

-Got a free month of Hulu so I’m binging on Deadliest Catch. Love the show, but hate how thin-skinned some of the captains are sometimes. Also, it seems like you need to be missing a limb to get Wild Bill to care about your well-being.

-New short story this week. I might start that up again. I miss it. Gives me some variety. Focusing on the Greenland Diaries has been wild.

-As a dad, I’m finding out it is less important for me to be cool, and more valuable for my children to be cool.

-There is something about a having a vintage tee-shirt that gets strangers to compliment you. I have a black one with the old N64 logo on it. Two compliments at the zoo on Saturday. Hell yes!

-One more shout-out to my wife, happy Mother’s Day!  You’re an amazing parent, and thank you for teaching me so much. Love you.

Sales of the Week: Currently, I have four books on sale for a buck on the Kindle: Beware the Ills, The Greenland Diaries, Seven Monster, and DOL 39.  Also, I’ve updated my Patreon rewards.  Give it a look. Click HERE to visit my Patreon page.


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