Project(s) Update

I thought I would share a little update on my projects that I will be working on, and some release dates coming up here in the future. The exact days are still a little fuzzy, like how a dehydrated wanderer might spy a mirage in some desert. Taking the foot off the pedal of all my short stories and putting it on my novels has sort of made me embrace the larger projects, instead of constantly publishing fiction on my blog. I still miss it. I love to write.

Currently: I’m almost halfway through The Greenland Diaries: Days 141 – 200. Without giving too much away, this book really challenges the reader to not give into the hopelessness being experienced by the narrator. There are also massive setting changes, which I think the audience will be happy with. Parts of the story are reflective with my own battles with life when it is not going according to plan. Some of the things the character thinks and does are straight out of my own experience, even though I’m far removed from some apocalyptic hell-scape. The release date is October 7th, 2017. Hopefully it’ll be at event at the Source Comics and Games here in the Twin Cities, but the details for that haven’t been finalized yet. If you need to learn more about the book series The Greenland Diaries you can click HERE.

Summer & Early Fall: I will be writing the sequel to DOL 39, which is a Kindle exclusive series. It will be the next 25 entries in the series. This story is more dystopian and less apocalyptic. It is about a security force and town that must cage in a monster who continuously wants to feed on them. The story is told through memos, letters, work orders, and interviews. There are no pieces of 3rd person narration. I will be releasing this on Black Friday in November, if everything goes according to plan. Click HERE to learn more about DOL 39.

Late Fall: This is still in the preliminary stages of planning, but my plan is to produce and cowrite a podcast for release in Spring 2018. It will be a mixture of science fiction and horror. I’m very excited to try something new. Details are still hazy. Going to have to learn how to create with some modern technology. This both terrifies me, and exhilarates me at the same time. New creative projects tend to have this paradox.

Winter: There could be no more perfect, elemental time to write the sequel to Beware the Ills. It took me six years to write Beware the Ills. I was a bank teller at the time. Between customers, I would write down paragraphs on receipts, scrap paper, and adding machine tape. It all came together into my favorite novel. It has been six years since I released the first book. I figured the sequel has spent enough time bouncing around the synapses of my brain. I actually released the first chapter of the sequel in Seven Monsters. The title for the sequel is called This Living Cage. It is slated to be released in Fall 2018. To learn more about Beware the Ills click HERE.



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