Book Event at Lake Monster Brewery

On May 11th at 5 pm at Lake Monster Brewery in Saint Paul you can come visit me and buy some great books at an awesome event entitled: “Books and Beer Pop-up Bookstore.” I will have special event pricing for all my books. I will probably have a pint in my hand as well. I will also be smiling, because it is called Lake Monster Brewery and I love a good lake monster.

Click Here to Learn More About the Event

This will be my first time selling at this event or at any brewery overall. I’m hoping, being a monster writer myself, I will find many of my kind down at this event. I will have every type of monster available to me. There are a dozen other authors who will be there with me, which will be amazing. What’s special about doing these events is not only meeting awesome readers, but also commiserating with other authors about the industry.

So, if you’re available May 11th any time after 5 pm, and you’re lurking about Saint Paul, Minnesota, I suggest you come visit me at Lake Monster Brewery. There are monsters, and there is booze. I’m not sure it gets too much better than this. Thank you for all the support everyone.

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