2 Paperbacks for $25 with Free Gift & Shipping

Right now, through my store I’m offering a gift included with my 2 for $25 paperback deal. The free item is a 3rd surprise paperback book. It could be any of my books. It won’t be one you’ve purchased in the combo, but a separate road to some fantastical darkness. The 2 for $25 deal is already a great deal with a savings of $13 plus free shipping. Now, with my gift you save an additional $18. Yup. Shameless self-promotion. Can you feel the promotion? Whenever I promote anything, I feel like I’m wielding a double-bladed battle axe in a some dungeon crawler game. No idea why.

Click Here to be Taken to my Online Store

If anyone has been watching, saving, and waiting for the right moment to take a chance on my novels like some sort of ninja needing to use the bathroom before a jungle attack, well, now is the time. The free book offer is just temporary, like OK Soda or Midi files. Having said that, because of my generation, both items will reappear next week in an attempt to appeal to my nostalgia.

If you’ve wanted to try out The Greenland Diaries, Beware the Ills, or any of my short story collections. If you’ve wanted to read one of my novels after exploring my free fiction. If you’ve want to spend money on an independent writer who is committed to providing you free short stories every single week. Take advantage of this great offer. It won’t be around forever. Thank you.


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