Monday Musings 3/27

What a week. I still feel like I need a vacation to recover from a vacation with four children. There are so many footnotes with being a parent many people don’t tell you about. Maybe they don’t want to scare you off like a deer at a salt lick. Planning a vacation after a vacation is one of them. However, it does feel good to be back here writing.

  1. My reading at NHCC went well this last Thursday. I didn’t venture too far into the existential malaise of writing I battle daily, like what style, voice, genre, or format you should explore. Instead I read Seven Monsters, The Greenland Diaries, and Beware the Ills. I talked about where I was in my life when I wrote these stories, which I think gives more insight about my process then simply talking about how I write things down. The best readings I’ve been to exposes the author’s personal life, where they share tidbits about their experiences and how they were reflected in these books.
  1. Someone at my reading did ask if they should self-publish or traditionally publish their work. My answer was it depends on the project. If I were writing some giant fantasy trilogy like this woman was planning on doing, I would traditionally publish. My reasoning would be that it is a style that is suited for traditional publication and the stigma of self-publishing would weigh it down regardless of the quality of the story. Yes, I do believe there is negativity about self-publishing in the writing community. I have experienced it first-hand from the books I’ve released. Luckily, and completely by accident, I self-published a story called the Greenland Diaries, which was a complete mess, but its choppy, half-hazard perspective meshed well with the expectation people have with self-publishing. It all depends on what you’re trying to get out there. I’m not saying you can’t self-publish a quality book, but you’ll always be battling that negative connotation, both consciously and sub-consciously.
  1. We finished off Jane the Virgin on Netflix, and have moved on to My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which is also a fantastic show with great writing. I’m really impressed with the CW right now. Before, I guess at least through my media-mad perspective, it always seemed like the CW shows were a bit gimmicky, or predictable. Now my opinion is completely different. Both shows have a fearless brand of storytelling, that battles against the conventions of modern television. They remind me of Community, my favorite television show where the linear plot is constantly challenged by the writers. I think we’re slowly seeing the death of the three-act CSI style drama taking place amongst television.
  1. Spring keeps coming in waves here in Minnesota. One week it is the 60’s. Others, it is completely frigid, like an echo of deep winter won’t go away. I hate it. Global warming is spoiling me. The winters that made Minnesota so famous are dying, and I’m not missing them at all, though the destruction of the earth is no laughing matter. It is weird. Going down to Florida, and watching that emerald water pour over itself again and again, well, it made me think that it wouldn’t be so bad to have the polar ice caps melt and have an ocean in my backyard. I wouldn’t want Kevin Costner and those giant sharks from Water World to show up. That’d be bad. Also, no Dennis Hopper hunting me with an eye-patch.
  1. I’m about a week out from a very special story I’ll be releasing here on my blog. It is a birthday gift to my wife. She gave me the idea for it. I’m very excited to write it and get it out there. April 5th is the day it’ll be published. Stay tuned. Thank you everyone for your support. I wish I had more to say at this point in my musings, but I don’t. Keep working, writing, dreaming, and being yourself. Unless you’re a super villain, then it is time to reevaluate. Thank you.

Mindless self-promotion: It is that time of the week again where I mindlessly promote my deals in a great effort to make a living off my writing. Currently, I have four books on sale for a buck on the Kindle: Beware the Ills, The Greenland Diaries, Seven Monster, and DOL 39.  I’ve been publishing a lot of great fiction for free on here, which you can read anytime you want. Also, I’ve updated my Patreon rewards. You can even suggest story ideas as part of becoming a patron. Give it a look. If you like these stories on this blog, my books, and my messages, Patreon is the best way to support me. Have a great week.

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