Patreon Reward – Suggest a Story Idea

Control. We all like it to a point. It gets us through the chaos. It can be that one beacon of light pouring through the Mines of Moria. Control lets us imprint, permeate, and solidify. We get a small stamp on reality in the great swirls of cosmic time and space. Control also lets you be a part of something, maybe even a movement bigger than yourself. You become a contributor in more than just a monetary sense, but also in a creative way, like you’re a consultant listed at the very end of the credits.

If you become a $5 contributor and up on my Patreon page you get to have some control over where my stories go. You give me the idea for a story and I will write it. Yes. That’s right. You will have your own personal scribe as one of your many rewards for supporting me on Patreon. All the money you donate to keep my blog, books, and free fiction going on a near daily basis. It helps me cover expenses from my personal life so I can continue to write full-time as my job.

Click here to be taken to my Patreon page.

$5 and up will allow you to have control over my destiny. To quote the Beluga Bailey from Finding Dory: “It’s your destiny, Destiny.” I will compose the story, share it, publish it, and immortalize it in the digital halls of ink and pixels. Your name will be attached to it if you so desire, though it’s not demanded. I would be happy to include it though, along with a short statement on where you got the idea and why you choose it.

There are plenty of other rewards you will benefit from as well, including: free editing, a free Kindle book, access to my Patron Only Feed where I explicate my stories and share publishing tips, free paperback books, reservations for new novels, and more. Right now, the arts have had a rough couple of weeks, but I believe through Patreon and the support of an awesome online community, writers like me can continue to produce thought-provoking work for free. Please support me through Patreon so I can continue to live my dream, and help people with my writing. Thank you.


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