Reading Event at North Hennepin Community College

NHCC Reading Photo

Hey everyone! Just a little reminder that I’ve got a reading at North Hennepin Community College on Thursday, March 27th at 10:00 am in the CLA building of the East Campus. You can see my pre-twin youthful mug in the center of the graphic. I’m absolutely honored to be part of the reading series at NHCC. I have really strong ties to this college and the surrounding community. I became a full-time student at NHCC in 2012. At this moment in my life I had just left a job where I had planned to have a career. A long-term relationship was failing. A house we had hoped to purchase together through my family drifted towards foreclosure, then was eventually sold. I was miserable. During this time period I was taking a writing stories class at NHCC. In that class, I published my first short story with a literary magazine. After a few more publication successes, I had the confidence to blog, self-publish, and read my work aloud.

North Hennepin Community College has been tremendously good to me. I met my wife there. I met many of my friends there. I worked there. The list goes on. I will be talking about my origins, certain stories, and I’ll be reading my work. I highly recommend you to attend this reading because not only will I talk about myself, but I will also discuss my opinion of the future of writing in this technological atmosphere of instant gratification. I will also talk about monsters. I love monsters. Monsters, monsters, everywhere. So please attend if you’re in the area and need a little abomination-charge before you head to work. You can always tell your boss that you were late because of monsters, and leave the conversation right there for them to interpret.

Thank you everyone for your support, hope to see you there.

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