DOL 39 on Sale


When I first started putting my writing out there into the world, I knew there was a certain level of Chaos Theory attached to it. I knew that no matter how well I crafted my language, plot, and characters, there would be some hidden element to the story that my audience would either love or hate. For example, my first book Beware the Ills I loved dearly, and many times when people ask me what my favorite book is that I’ve written, this is the one nearest to my heart. I spent six years writing Beware the Ills. I refined the style on bank receipts while I worked as a teller. I wrote the entire thing by hand between customers and deposits. The voice of the narrator is dark, omnipresent, and very human. The reception to Beware the Ills has been either people love it completely, or they can’t even get past the first chapter. I wouldn’t say it is a failure, but I would say it is not my most successful book.

That distinction is reserved for The Greenland Diaries, which like I’ve said many times was a simple blogging exercise I would publish on Blogspot once a week. I was going back to school for writing, and I wanted to practice past-tense, while staying interested in my plot. What better way to do that through some apocalyptic journal? At first, only my friends and family would read my blog out of pity, but eventually the views started to mount, and I hit 30,000. I decided to self-publish the first 100 days of this journal, and I haven’t looked back. It is by far my most popular work.

You just have no idea how these things are going to work out, this is why you get your stories out there and see what happens, regardless of what people are telling you or what your inner critic is saying.

This brings me to my dark fantasy DOL 39, which blends many of my other stories together both stylistically and thematically. DOL 39 is only available for the Kindle, maybe after I release a few sequels I’ll play with the idea of a paperback. The format for DOL 39 is quite simple. There is no 3rd person narration taking place, but a whole hoard of 1st person accounts in the form of journal entries, maintenance reports, and letters.

All these various documents are compiled into a book, which reflects life in a city where a god-like monster lives nearby. The monster and the dystopian village have a symbiotic relationship. The monster devours cadavers donated by the town, and the citizens are blessed with unchecked organic growth for their crops and resources. Of course, not everything goes according to plan, and the arrangement isn’t so simple. The majority of the stories in the book are from the POV of the Silver Guard, a security force entrusted with keeping the monster and its children busy on a near daily basis.

Right now, I’m selling this book on Kindle, and it is only a DOLLAR. Yup, hard to believe you could download it before you even finish reading this blog post. To find DOL 39 on the Kindle please click here.

Whenever I play video games where you explore cool and creepy settings, I always enjoy finding little journals about what caused the very calamity your battling through. This was my inspiration for DOL 39. A collection of documents to reflect what life would be like living next to a monster you needed to survive. Sometimes you hear from soldiers. Sometimes little children who keep journals. Sometimes it is correspondence with the mayor of the city and his employees. You’re given a dozen snapshots into this world from many perspectives.

Reception for DOL 39 has been great. I was playing with my style, and thanks to the internet, I had a stage to do it on. Check it out and form you own opinion, but both me and my audience like this story, which as I pointed out earlier, is a harder target to hit than you think. Thank you for reading.


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