Monday Musings 2/27

Warmest February on record for us here in Minnesota. I’m not complaining. Having lived here my entire life I feel like I’ve been trapped in some haunted snow globe like in Coraline. Even though winter only lasts for about four months, you still feel like you’ve been living in a perpetual blizzard. I’ll take the heat and sun. Recently, in the last two days the cold snapped back like an overextended rubber-band. It is not cold by Minnesota’s standards, like 20’s or 30’s, but after the sixty degrees you can feel your tolerance dwindling. I’m turning into such an adult talking about the weather. What’s happening?

  1. I watched the first two seasons of Broadchurch on Netflix and I loved it. Mostly because of David Tennant, who I discovered not through Doctor Who, but through Jessica Jones where he played the disturbing Purple Man. I really enjoyed the series because of how it elaborately showed how murder in a small town warps the community. They’re very detailed when it comes to showing the small conflicts associated in a tight-knit town. I should admit though, I’m getting tired of all these BBC dramas having the: “I’m going to sit and stare at the water for hours on end while I think deeply about things.” I understand the beauty of nature, and how it causes an almost reflexive meditation, but this image is rampant through all these moody thrillers I’ve been digesting.
  1. Going off number one a little bit, there was a time when I first started writing back in 2003 where all I could write was nature poetry. I’m not sure if it was because I was just entering adulthood, or it was my new-found independence of being 18, but suddenly, the natural world was exploding around me, and I was taking notes through rhyme and lyrics. Looking back at those poems makes me cringe a little bit. As a writer, it is imperative you hold onto all your old work, even if you think it’s terrible. Reflection on the past is perhaps the greatest indicator of your growth as a writer. Find the benchmarks where you can, because if you’re a writer, doubt is second nature.
  1. This is the most I’ve been writing in ages. I love it. I haven’t had the opportunity to do this before without having to work a fulltime job to supplement it. I still need lots of help from people, but swallowing my pride and asking for support is a meager sacrifice to live my dream. I can tell my writing appreciates all the time I’ve been spending on it. I feel like I’m constantly building a campfire. You add more fuel, and the bigger it gets. The more times you build the fire, the easier it is to start one. Doubt and worry, the dark night curling around you beneath an abstract streak of stars, can only be satiated by knowing how to ignite the flames. See, I’m doing it again, wandering into metaphors from the natural world to explore my creative process.
  1. I’m currently at chess tournament for my stepson while writing these musings. I must admit the vibe here among parents is much different than other sporting events. It is cool that this medieval game has been so well-preserved in the face of so much time. When I sit here watching my kid playing chess, I imagine rival kings huddled in a cobblestone keep drinking out of goblets and glaring at each other. I imagine George C. Scott and Stanley Kubrick taking a break on set to match wits beneath a nicotine fog. This game has such a rich history, and I always forget about it, despite its timeless status.
  1. Some promotional notes going on with my books. My dollar Kindle sales continue, in fact I might make a post just about this deal, but here are the books available: Beware the Ills, DOL 39, Seven Monsters, and my most popular The Greenland Diaries: Days 1 – 100. If you sign up for my Patreon account to support me monthly with a dollar or more, you have the option of a FREE Kindle book. I also do a Patron Only Feed, where you get even more behind the scenes material, advice, and publishing information than you do on this blog. Recently, I’ve been taking the story I publish each week and explicating it at the end. I evaluate how it is working and whatnot, and what inspired me to create it. This is one of the many amazing benefits of supporting me on Patreon.

Have a great week everyone! Please take of yourselves and each other. We’re all we’ve got until we master interstellar travel and go check out those seven planets. The number seven is an archetype in classical literature. It is known as the perfect number. The universe has always had a sense of irony. Pretty cool stuff.

2 thoughts on “Monday Musings 2/27

  1. Before you totally quit the “stare at the ocean” dramas, check out “Gracepoint”, the US version of Broadchurch, also starring David Tennant. Though critics didn’t care for it (and what do they know?) I found it compelling both in comparison and as a stand-alone.


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