Monday Musings 2/13

Had the stomach flu all weekend, so I didn’t get a lot of writing done. It was awful. I haven’t been this sick in ages. I was out walking the dog when it hit me like a bile-driven hurricane. All I can say is that the neighbors are probably thinking what the hell is wrong with me, and that they need to keep our distance.

  1. If you haven’t started reading Chains, well, start reading it right this second. All of it is free online and it is all relatively short. The setting is Norse mythology, right before Ragnarok happens. The Fimbul Winter is occurring; where the wolves stalk the frost, and humans turn on one another. Two bounty hunters are hired to investigate a city on the border of Midgard and Jotunheim. Nobody has travelled to the town, or heard from it for months. The two bounty hunters are lovers, but are at odds with their relationship because one wants children and the other does not. This mirrors the empty city and the monster awaiting them in their exploration. The relationship is based on one of my old girlfriends of course, so there is plenty of personal experience to inject into this fantastical setting. I’m proud of this story. Totally free. Check it out.
  1. A bunch of my books on Kindle are still just $ .99, so if you need to take chance on one of my books now is the time. You can also become a Patron on my Patreon page for just a buck a month and get a free Kindle book as well. The books included in this special, deal, thingy: The Greenland Diaries, DOL 39, Beware the Ills, and Seven Monsters. These are all great stories, and I’m proud of all of them. The Greenland Diaries is my big hitter that has spawned an entire book series, including a sequel and a collection of short stories.
  1. I’ve picked a very interesting path for myself when it comes to writing. I’m not sure if I’ve always thought it through. In fact, I never have. I guess I’ve always thought it was better to act impulsively then to not act at all. There are many reasons to not do something. Negativity can outnumber the stars in the sky if you let it. I’ve picked a less traditional path. In fact, I’m not sure if anyone has sort of doing it like me with the blogging, self-publishing, serialized stories, etc. This makes it difficult to gauge success. I guess I just hope people continue to enjoy my writing and are willing to support me through Patreon.
  1. Finding Dory is a marvelous little movie. It is currently on Netflix right now, and I highly recommend it. Besides the beautiful animation, fantastic characters, and excellent writing, the film does an excellent job of showing how isolating and intimidating dealing with mental illness can be. Dory deals with short term memory loss constantly, and the film pulls you into her perspective in bold and innovative ways by showing how it changes other characters lives. It also shows the POV of the parents, who are beside themselves with worry over who will take care of their child after they’re gone. Talk about an emotional rollercoaster. I could relate to how a mental illness occupies you so much. At times, it can be so powerful it distracts you from the simplest things around you.
  1. I’m looking forward to spring. Here, in Minnesota, the weather has been unnaturally warm, so the earth is being peeled apart early like a rotten orange. Under the half-dying plates of frost and snow are patches of earth that resemble unhealed skin. Brown, mushy, and slimy, like the ground didn’t want to be exposed to our eyes so soon. In a way, I feel bad for it. It doesn’t feel natural to have this heat so early in our season. The warmth itself seems guilty, like it knows it is in the wrong place.

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