Patreon Rewards

If I haven’t bugged you about my Patreon page yet, well, you’re one of the lucky baby turtles who managed to escape the bloody beak of a Seagull on your way to the emerald water. I’m on Patreon now, and it is awesome. It is basically allowing me to continue my dream as a writer and storyteller in the face of financial difficulty until I get my feet underneath me professionally. If you care about The Greenland Diaries, my nonfiction, fiction stories, musings, Chains, or any of my writing. If you have been touched by my emotional honesty about suicide, depression, or addiction. If you have enjoyed my forays into the fantasy worlds of dragons, robots, and haunted forests. If you want me to still be here writing free material each week, then please financially support me through my Patreon page.

When you decided to live your dream, and let go of society’s constraints on what you should do with your life, you’re filled with a level of ambition that cannot be measured. You have to be brave to do this, to let go of everyone else’s opinions of your life, and live it for yourself. It could be anyone who tries to bring you back down to earth in some violent explosion reminiscent of the Hindenburg. They don’t mean to necessarily, they only know what makes them feel good, and they try to apply it to your life. I am so fortunate in my personal life to have a supportive family, friends, and readers who want me to keep telling stories.

Please support me through my Patreon page.

The rewards are fantastic:

$1 a month: Access to my Patron Only Feed, which has the best content, even better than my blog. It also includes a Free Kindle Book.

$3 a month: Patron Only Feed. Free Kindle Book. You also get my amazing weekly fiction story released to you early via the Patron Only Feed.

$5 a month: Patron Only Feed. Free Kindle book. Early fiction story. Plus, you get a free Q & A email correspondence with me about anything. Publishing questions, help, marketing, monsters, it can be anything.

$10 a month: Patron Only Feed. Free Kindle book. Early fiction story. Q & A email. Plus, early reservations for new novels, and the ultimate ability to suggest a story idea for one of my weekly fiction releases.

$20 a month: EVERYTHING! Patron Only Feed. Free Kindle book. Early fiction story. Q & A email. Early reservations for new novels. Story suggestion. Plus, two free paperback books of your choice to be shipped to you free of charge.

I’ve looked at a bunch of Patreon accounts. I can honestly say I offer some of the best rewards for the money you’d be contributing to my artistic longevity. You of course get my undying love and respect as well. I could not do anything without the support of my readers. Please help me keep my monsters, dreams, and stories going in this wild and saturated world of media. Please click here to support me through my Patreon page.

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