Monday Musings 2/6

Every week takes a little bit more to go on. Surviving financially as a writer, artistic entrepreneur, or whatever, is almost like you’re playing a Final Fantasy game and you’re almost of potions, ethers, or revives. You can sell off armor, weapons, and relics to get more life-saving materials, but how long will this last? I was slightly prepared for how much of a struggle trying to be a writer would be, but I had no idea how punishing it would be economically. The things you learn.

  1. Thank you to everyone who contributed to my Patreon account this last week. Your support pretty much means the world, and it is also kind of keeping me alive. Thank you. If you haven’t looked at my Patreon account and how you can keep all this material going, then please click HERE to view my profile. There is a movie as well to explain why I’m doing this Patreon page. It is only two minutes long, but it took a small epoch to edit. Eight hours to be exact. This was my first experience with film editing. It won’t be my last, but – wow.
  1. I’ve been watching The Fall with my wife on Netflix. This is a seriously spooky show. The story is a basic cat and mouse game between a brilliant detective, and an ultra-cerebral serial killer. The show is fantastic. Set in Belfast, echoes of civil discord play a central role throughout the detective drama. Perhaps nothing is more frightening and intense in the series than the villain sneaking through the houses of sleeping strangers like it was literally nothing. The scenes are so dark and mundane, you’d swear some heinous monsters was walking unhindered in your own home. It makes you want to be armed with a variety of weapons when you get up in the middle of the night to go the bathroom.
  1. I have some Kindle books on sale right now. The Greenland Diaries, Beware the Ills, and Seven Monsters are all only $ .99 to download. This is an amazing deal, especially for the Greenland Diaries, which is continuously my best-selling series. The third book comes out in Fall, and it promises to be the best one thus far. It is a great introduction to the series. You can even read the first ten days for free online if you’re interested.
  1. I will be discontinuing some of my books soon. That seems like a harsh term for it, but I won’t be reordering my books for sale at conventions or through my store. They’ll still be in Kindle form, but once I run out of my print editions of these titles I will pull them off my online store as well. The reason is simple, they don’t sell, and it is too expensive to keep on ordering them. When you start out as a writer dreaming of success, you don’t think you’d be pulling some stories in favor of other ones, but that is what you do. If you want commercial success, you go where the world wants you to go well holding onto your distinctive voice.
  1. Well, I’m banned from giving plasma for a while. Turns out my veins are uncooperative and they really like to roll away from the needle. I guess they’re just doing what I’m thinking as I get the blood pumped out of me. Sucks that I can’t do that for a few months, the extra income was nice. Thankfully I have all of you to keep me going. Thank you for your support everyone. It is everything. It really is.

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