Visit me at 13 Gears

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Little late notice my friends, but I will be a vendor at the steampunk convention here in Minneapolis, Minnesota called 13 Gears. It’ll be Saturday, February 4th from 1 – 8 pm at the old Grain Belt Bottling Warehouse in Northeast Minneapolis. I’ll be there in costume selling my books and chatting with some awesome people. I love steampunk. Final Fantasy VI was full of airships, old victorian houses with demons in the cellars, and castles built from gears, which could also travel through sand and soil like a jumping flea. Since I played that game in my parent’s basement twenty years ago over and over again, I have always loved the steampunk style. The first short story I ever had published was steampunk. It’s called Lobo and it had an fantastic airship in it. Calliope published it a few years ago, and it is republished in my collection Seven Monsters.

Anyways, if you want more information on 13 Gears click HERE. It is an amazing event. It really is picking up a bunch of steam (ha hah hahah, I made a pun) and I imagine it’ll be a three day event in the next five years. Embrace the gears. Here are some cool pictures of steampunk images I found in the public domain.

Image result for steampunk public domainImage result for steampunk public domain

Image result for steampunk public domainImage result for steampunk public domain

Really cool. Also, if you haven’t heard me mention it once in the last 24 hours (which seems impossible with the amount you have to self-promote to get noticed) I’m now on PATREON. If you’ve read any of my writing for free over the last few years of me publishing, well, now is your chance to support me financially so I don’t have to constantly give plasma to supplement my writing. For just a dollar a month you get a FREE Kindle book of your choice, plus, all the deep and dark secrets of my mind through my patron only feed. It’ll also have marketing, self-publishing, publishing, and writing tips for you to exploit, along with behind the scenes content about my stories. Any help is appreciated. Tis a lonely road of an artistic entrepreneur.

Click HERE to view my Patreon page.

Thank you. Have an amazing weekend!

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