The Drum: And Other Tales from the Greenland Diaries


I’m very happy to announce that my new book The Drum: And Other Tales from the Greenland Diaries is now available for purchase. You can buy the paperback edition from me, or the Kindle version through Amazon. This book is dark, intense, and very suspenseful, especially for those familiar with the series. I basically wrote 12 stories that all take place in the Greenland Diaries universe. Six of the stories occur before the drum begins, and six happen afterwards. If you haven’t read the Greenland Diaries at all, I do have a free sample up for you to digest.

I wanted to give my readers some bonus material about this plant-warped world of faceless monsters and phantom streetlights, so I started to write short stories from different perspectives about the drum and the various abominations it summoned before and after the end of the world. Here is an actual description of the book:

An eerie earthquake with a mysterious creature in the Gulf of Mexico unleashes an unknown seed onto the earth. An old man watches the long-abandoned slaughterhouse across the road gleam to life under phantom light. An immigrant working at a thrift store notices something inhuman in one of the mirrors. A stressed-out father wonders how a dead streetlight starts working under the shape of a faraway stranger. A random burst of graverobbing and disturbing taxidermy hits an old cemetery in Saint Paul. A little girl digs in the closet for a gun as her parents prepare for the drum. A pilot fights an unknown abomination on the star-edged rim of heaven and earth. A little boy counts the seconds through the sights of his rifle before the world gets walked by monsters. A woman hiking in Duluth bitterly watches the old weather patterns be imprisoned by walls of overgrown greenery. A young man plays with suicide on a deserted college campus as living death hunts him every night. A child scrounges for food in an empty restaurant till a sewn-together employee makes an appearance. Three soldiers on the outskirts of an abandoned city plot revenge on the nightmare hunting them.

A big thank you to all my readers who continue to make me writing these stories a possibility. I’m not sure what I would do without you. Another big thank you to my wife for the cover design, my dad for the financing, and my mom and the Modern Leper who edited my work. Thank you for your tremendous awesomeness. The next Greenland Diaries book is due out in Fall 2017. These stories will hopefully hold you off until then.


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