Monday Musings 1/16

Babies are doing a little bit better these last few days. There are few things more stressful than your children being sick. A crimson energy rain from flying saucers scathing the earth might be one of those things, but not might much. Been writing as much as possible when I have the opportunity. Children really do make you appreciate time. Now, I feel a bit like the white rabbit chasing his clock in Alice in Wonderland.

  1. Speaking of Alice in Wonderland, I recently watch the sequel Through the Looking Glass, which they made last year. You can watch it on Netflix. I’m not a huge fan of the absurdist genre, but I have always loved Alice in Wonderland, and even more so Through the Looking Glass. I have read each book about a dozen times, and I have read books about Lewis Carroll. I found the recent Alice in Wonderland somewhat palatable with the late Christopher Lee voicing the Jabberwocky. However, the new Through the Looking Glass adaption was terrible. The story was convoluted and completely misshapen from the original novel, even by Hollywood standards. The characters muttered half the time, making their dialogue seem phony and overdramatized. The universe and special effects were somewhat appealing, but they were lost against the backdrop of a completely rushed plot, which echoed a panicked film crew who I worry didn’t even want to be working on the project. Through the Looking Glass is an amazing novel and it should simply stay in book form.
  1. In the next three months, I’ve got a nice group of events that I will be attending. 13 Gears, Marscon, and Minicon, which all take place here in the Twin Cities. I’m very excited. The holidays are always a bit empty for events, which is sad because I feel like many people would be happy to escape the judgmental eyes of their extended family for some geekdom and levity at a local convention. I’ll be posting more about each individual visit and place the closer they get. All three events are unique to themselves, and fun. I urge you to Google and contemplate a visit. If not for me, then your own sense of sanity.
  1. One thing I’ve learned both publishing other people’s work when I was head of Calamities Press, and through putting my own writing out there into the public eye is that the aesthetics of writing is somewhat underestimated in my opinion, especially with this new age of blogs, newsfeeds, and flash media articles. Paragraphs with no symmetry on the page their published on, alignment of words against empty space where an ad might try to creep in, or crosschecking how a blog post might look on a mobile phone versus a computer are all examples of this new aesthetic you can apply to writing. I remember in British Literature course in college we learned about emblem poems, which basically physically look like the theme or motif the lyrics are trying to identify. Writing aesthetically pleasing blogs isn’t on the same level as emblem poetry, but making sure you capture pleasing symmetry with the way you publish your blog posts is a must.
  1. Right now, my favorite kid’s movie that I watch with my twin boys at bedtime is The Little Prince on Netflix. It is such a great film, especially for someone like me who battled his entire life to listen to his dream and give up countless career opportunities in customer service. The animation combines three different types of styles. Each kind reflects a different perspective of the story, which are woven seamlessly in into multiple narrative threads. As a giant metaphor, the type you’d write about in your college English course, you can simply say the movie is about preserving the imagination of a child in a world consumed by statistics. It’s fantastic, and Jeff Bridge’s voice can put anyone to sleep.
  1. I’ve got a reading coming up at the Robbin Gallery. It’s on Thursday, January 19th at 6:30 pm. If you’re in town come check it out. I won’t disappoint. I’ve done dozens of readings, but I still get nervous about them, and I also still prepare for them. Also, these previous week I wrote a short story called Rona, which readers seemed to enjoy. The story is pulled from the same universe as my novel Beware the Ills lives in. It takes place on the shore of the island the Guardian protects.

Have a great week everyone! Thank you for your support and awesomeness.


3 thoughts on “Monday Musings 1/16

  1. azpascoe

    Agreed! I loved the Depp Alice in Wonderland, but found Through the Looking Glass to be a bit of a let down: it was just kind of meh and garbled, which is such a disappointment, because I found Alice in Wonderland to be a beautiful immersion that really swept me away. I also agree with The Little Prince comment: my partner and I watched it late last year because it cropped up on Netflix, and completely fell in love with everything about it. It’s such a beautiful crafted tale and they brought it to life in the movie so lovingly.

    Great blog post, looking forward to seeing more of your posts this year! 🙂


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