Monday Musings 1/9

It was a rough week in my household. Besides getting a collection of short fiction done and having my wife make a cover for me, both my twin boys have been sick with the stomach flu. It has been awful. I have had little to no time to write, or work on new content for my blog. We’ve been changing diapers like crazy. It has been nuts. Wow. I’m shell-shocked. It is like a member of the Foot Clan just hit me in the back of the head with a baton.

  1. You might have noticed on the front page of my blog, or with how the post appears to you in the blogroll, but I have changed the name of my site to What the Monster Said. I’m truly tired of the basement metaphor associated with millennials, even though it might be accurate for the generation I grew up in. I no longer live in the basement; therefore, I don’t think I need to glue myself to that stereotype that typically is illuminated with negativity and disgust by other members of society. I think my generation is full of hard dreamers, and when we got out into the world of statistics and dollars, which doesn’t immediately reward ingenuity, we retreated to our basements to think about how we could contribute to the modern world. I make good monsters. This is my contribution.
  1. I’m bringing back my fiction serial Chains. This is a fantastic story about a pair of bounty hunters who are commissioned by a local king to reestablish contact with a city that has gone silent. The story takes place in Midgard, shortly before Ragnarok begins in Norse mythology. The gods and the giants are about to duke it out on the human’s backyard, but first there is this empty city on the edge of Jotunheim, and a forgotten monster looking for answers. Chains will appear every Wednesday. Each part of the story deals with the bounty hunter’s investigation of the city. It is good. It is free. Enjoy.
  1. Watched the movie Moana. It was very good. One of the better Disney’s movies I’ve watched in the last few years. Zootopia was fantastic, and I’ve found Disney usually hits once a year on animated films. I was skeptical about Moana because it looked like it might follow the standard three-act princess cycle of more antique features. However, the film is about trusting yourself in a more realistic sense, without the help of others. Despite all the fantastical elements floating through to tell the character what to do, she is most powerful when she listens to herself. The film is funny, visually stunning and features perhaps the best animal sidekick ever in the form of a chicken with possible brain-damage. The bird constantly befuddled by reality is named Heihei. In one scene, at the prospect of being stranded out on the ocean, the chicken mindlessly screams incessantly out of fear. I found myself relating to the fowl an awful lot.
  1. I’m excited for the next Alien prequel sequel to Prometheus coming out. The first film was a high-powered pile of garbage, with glitzy special effects and an incoherent plot that couldn’t even match Alien 3. Ugh. Apparently, the next film in this prequel alien sequel is supposed to get back to the roots of the science fiction horror of the original, which is one of my favorite films, stories, monsters, anything. The Xenomorph is a top five monster. It truly is the perfect alien creature. It is something you could realistically find living in the depths of space in some sweaty, slime-warped egg.
  1. Getting some help with my editing recently from my mom and a fellow blogger named The Modern Leper. This has been fantastic. Help, I’ve never had it for more than one project, but I can tell I’ve got some stable forces. Almost everything with my books I’ve done myself. I’ve got some help with covers, marketing and promotion, but with actual content it has been tough. My friend Jacob helped copy edit Beware the Ills, which was amazing. His life was so busy he worked on it when it was slow at his job in the morning. This is a lonely road. I’m grateful for any help. I always wanted the big contract from some fancy publisher, but I sat so long on my stories, when I finally had the opportunity to get a bunch of them out into the world self-publishing was the only option to satiate my patience. Never let anyone dissuade you from your dream, which in my case was writing about monsters oddly enough. This happened for seven years with me. Time can make your stories decay before you’ve even told them.

7 thoughts on “Monday Musings 1/9

  1. I’d love to help you with editing, Patrick. In fact, I’d be quite interested in a trade … I’m looking for some help editing my own work.

    That said, if you don’t have time to read someone else’s nonsense right now, I understand and am still willing to edit your stuff, no charge. You can find me at Feel free to send along manuscripts in word and I’ll send them back with my reviews. It would be helpful if you let me know a timeline when you send stuff, also what you are looking for me to do (story line, grammar, etc. – you should know, I suck at commas 😉 ).

    Peace and Light,


  2. I am always amazed with the way you summarise your situations. There are times when I believe that you’ll be commercially succesful in the near future.
    Keep writing like you always do.



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