Monday Musings 1/2

Well, the moment I go on Facebook and complain about writing Monday Musings is the same exact time that a person goes on my blog and comments that they read my work for the Monday Musings. I can’t win. These will never go away. I want to banish them to some dark, ash-ravaged wasteland that makes Mordor look like a rainy puddle. However, I write partly for an audience, and partly for myself. I will continue to challenge myself with these musings.

  1. I watched the OA. It is only eight episodes long. I can tell they sort of struggled at times with the plot, characters, and more. At times, the show was utterly brilliant. Characters are kept in captivity, and they exhibit the type of nuances associated with mental illness which are products of good writing and research. Despite it being a science fiction TV show, the acting and writing of the show is at its peak when it ventures into the nonfiction. Throughout the series, we follow around a collection of high school students, who are under scrutiny for a variety of modern day issues. Drug addiction, bullying, body image, and sexual orientation are all portrayed with care and experience. However, the series fails at how to incorporate the fantastical plot devices into a mundane setting, relying on interpretive dance of all things to express magic. Not good.
  2. Recently, after a few Christmas gifts, I purchased a new Nintendo game for my 2DS called Shovel Knight. The game is a reimagining of a classic 8-Bit adventure you would have played 25 years ago, on the original Nintendo. I read so many reviews of this game, I thought I would love it. I can honestly say I don’t hate the thing, but there is a reason why the 8-Bit game evolved into the slick, Unreal Engine that powers our games today. I want nice graphics, smooth mechanics, and innovative gameplay. I don’t want to fall off cliffs and dodge fireballs like I always did when side scrolling between pixelated worlds. Shovel Knight is where nostalgia goes wrong, and blinds us from the progress video games have made, and more importantly, where we wanted them to go.
  3. Thanks to my amazing and wonderful sister, I now have a laptop again. It has been over two years since I’ve had this ability to be mobile with my writing. Since then, I’ve written nearly everything by hand, then transcribed it to an old desktop I have at home that still runs Windows XP. The computer was given to me by my father-in-law, which was built from the scraps of other computers he cannibalized for his pc. Having a laptop means I can write straight from my mind without having to worry about interpreting my own handwriting. This has changed my life.
  4. I’m looking forward to 2017. Obviously, this previous year was difficult in many ways, and not just from a pop culture standpoint. I struggled with depression and money, both of which were somewhat eliminated when I quit my job in July. Doing what I’m meant to do, and figuring out how to make it profitable and financially beneficial for my family in this hyper-capitalistic environment of ours is part of the American dream. It has been hard. I’ve sacrificed a ton for my dream, and so has my family. I’m very lucky to have them. I hope everyone has a great year.
  5. I’m still selling a good combo in my store for my books. If you’ve always wanted to try my writing, but didn’t know where to get started, this special is where to begin. First off, it is only $25 for three books, which is a savings of $20 dollars (and even more if you try buying it through Amazon). Second, you get Beware the Ills my first novel, and my favorite. You get to see how it all started. Third, you get The Greenland Diaries, my most popular series, the one that has spawned sequels and short stories. And finally, you get my latest collection of short stories I Sing Constellations, which is contains my best short stories. Also, shipping is free in the United States. This is a great deal, you can find it in my store at the very top. I call it the Monster Starter Kit.

7 thoughts on “Monday Musings 1/2

  1. At the risk of sounding like a pompous ass, how would you feel about letting me edit the stories you’ve got published on the blog? It’s just that I hate to see the flow of the story weighed down by the occasional mistake, and I really do enjoy reading your work. You’d be doing me a favor too; not only do I enjoy editing, but should I ever pursue a career in the field the experience would definitely pay off. Feel free to tell me off if I’m being pretentious, but I’d love the opportunity.


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