Monday Musings 12/19

Final week until the holidays. The winter gods are not appeased here in Minnesota, and we’ve been locked in a frosty prison of subzero temperatures and meandering blizzards. It hasn’t stopped civilization like most news reports would have you believe. People still do things, go out, and function. Life hasn’t just turned off like on some mechanical console from that final death scene in Terminator.

  1. I have to say I’m excited for Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk, which is a WWII movie about one of the largest evacuations of human beings ever in the history of anything. Christopher Nolan has sort of grounded his style in fiction with his previous films (Dark Knight, Inception, Interstellar). I’ll be excited to see his Noir-style recreation of history. Nolan has a habit of focusing on very memorable details in some of his previous films. The admiration of the Joker’s followers in the Dark Knight. Time as as the main antagonist in Interstellar. The M.C. Escher architecture of Inception. Against a historical setting, Nolan will get only human error to play with, which is a crop ripe for picking.
  2. I got to feel like a bit of celebrity this weekend. I went to go watch Rogue One, and some people at the theater recognized me from a convention I sell my books at every year. They were friends with a box office cashier, who is also an aspiring writer. He bought my wife some popcorn and drink for our movie. This was very kind of him. I said we should meet, and I’d give out what precious little advice I have about writing for a living. This has happened a few times, but not very often. Whenever it does the timing couldn’t me more perfect. It is almost like the universe is giving me a breath of fresh air. Despite me living my dreams there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t doubt my message, skills, or opprotunity. The negative forces of the world will peck at you like a pair of condors on some moldy carcass. Kindness like this lets me know I’m on the right track.
  3. Have you ever wanted something to be good so bad, no matter how bad it is you still force yourself to like it? One typical pop culture example is the Star Wars Prequels. People, including myself love Star Wars, and we’re willing to overlook a lot of garbage to replicate that fandom. For me, a game I own is the perfect example. Aliens: Colonial Marines for the PS3 is basically an extension and sequel to the film Aliens. The game by all rights is unplayable. The studio that made it got sued twice, once for it being crap. The mechanics suck. The graphics are choppy. The story-line is predictable. Even the aliens look lackadaisical as they eat your face off inside a steaming hive. I love it through because it belongs to a universe where I feel kinship. No matter how bad something is, if it comes from a niche you belong to, then you’re a sucker for it. The confusing co-op mode has almost been responsible for my wife and I divorcing each other.
  4. Last week I published a post called Catcher in the Rye about my addiction to buying portable Nintendo systems. I talked about how this compulsion was tied into larger mental health problems like my depression. This story seemed to resonate with a bunch of people about how they cope, handle, or dodge their own diseases. I got a fair amount of comments on it as well. I think most people in this hyper-capitalistic world of ours can really relate to this story, so give it a chance to make you laugh, cry, or a combination of both – craugh.
  5. No Monday Musings would be complete without a mindless plug about my books and the holiday sale I have currently going on. 3 books for $25, plus free shipping. It is a good deal. My books are good. I like them all. The ones I’m featuring is my favorite book Beware the Ills, my most popular book The Greenland Diaries, and my most recently published short story collection I Sing Constellations. It is easy to get the books through my store. I’ll sign them, scribble something both negative and positive, and make a doodle. Skillz.

Thank you everyone for the continued support. Be safe over the holidays. Don’t attack your relatives with a broken whiskey bottle if they ask you too many times about your future. You may want to, but don’t do it.


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