My First Cyber Monday Sale

beware the ills cover remasteredGreenland Cover RemasteredI sing constellations

Hello everyone. I’m excited to announce that I’ve accepted my evil-capitalist-self and created a Cyber Monday deal for all my amazing readers. For Monday only, I’m offering three of my books for the simple price of $25.00 dollars, plus free shipping for anyone in the United States. Yes, here is the deal broken down into an elaborate equation:

3 books for $25.00 plus free shipping = An Amazing Savings of $20.00  (which makes you feel like a smart and amazing shopper…because you are!)

The three books included in this Cyber Monday deal are:

The Greenland Diaries: Days 1 – 100

Beware the Ills

I Sing Constellations and Other Stories

If you’ve always been reading my blog and been interested in my books, but didn’t know where to start, this is deal is constructed for you specifically. Beware the Ills was my first novel and will introduce you to my willingness to engage in stylistic anomalies with a dark perspective. The Greenland Diaries, my most popular series, will show you my unique monsters specific to my voice and style. I Sing Constellations, a collection of my favorite short stories will again show off my willingness to pursue monsters and morality in any fictional setting; whether it was science fiction, fantasy, or a little fishing river in rural Minnesota.

Click Here to be Taken to my Store for the Cyber Monday Deal

When you go into my store simply add/click the Cyber Monday Deal to your cart, enter your shipping your address and the rest is history. I will sign your books, write some wisdom, and doodle a monster. If you already own my books, but would like to give them to a friend, don’t be bashful about typing instructions for me in the notes box when you place your order. I’m happy to even sell my books for a living, so writing personal messages is simply icing on the cake.

If you’re looking for some unique gifts this holiday season, please do not overlook my novels and short stories. I’m an old school writer trapped in a new world body, with a future-self vision of technology. You will not regret buying my books. The monsters are fantastic. So are the characters. I write moralistic tales, which often have lessons hidden in them like the original fairy tales that dot our history books. Give them a shot. This is the perfect opprotunity. Thank you.


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