DOL 39 Now Available on Kindle


It made it. It is finally here. DOL 39 is officially here. I published this on my blog for about a year, and I got many readers wanting this in some sort of book form. So here it is in the flesh, or, um, digital pixel format. Sadly, DOL 39 is only available on the Kindle, or it is a Kindle exclusive story. I’m going to publish the next 25 Reactions in May. It would be nice to have a paperback edition of this novel, so we’ll see how it does. I love this story dearly. It is incredibly unique and interesting. The format is very fluid. Some chapters involve work orders or journal entries. Others are simply definitions from the historical society. There are battles, stalking, and eye witness encounters with the monsters that power DOL 39.

Click Here to Purchase and Download DOL 39 for the Kindle

I got a ton of support from people about this story. Originially it was meant to be a blog that kept me writing. I simply liked to write DOL 39 because it challenged my creative muscle, and I’d never read anything like it before. I think this is the motivation for many writers. You want to write something you’ve never read before. You aren’t happy doing the same thing as others. You want to be original. Maybe this is a natural course of ambition for anyone in our society. Is it any different than a boxer wanting more belts than anyone else?

Read DOL 39. It is a fantastic story. I can’t wait to write the next installment. The monster is beyond unique. The society, people, and voices in this bleak, yet, lush future mimic our own. You become a part of the universe so quickly, you might actually forget about the world around you. Thank you everyone who supported me in this endeavor. Monsters, monsters, everywhere.


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