Monday Musings 11/21

Felt really good to be back this week filling the days with musings, nonfiction, and flash fiction. I missed it, even if it was just for 168 hours. This coming holiday is full of challenges, just like any other. One particular chore I won’t have to deal with will be people asking what I’m doing with my life, or when I’m going to have kids. Sometimes, dealing with extended family during a holiday is synonymous with a police interrogation.

  1. This is the week. DOL 39 will be released on Black Friday, or November 25th to be more precise. I’m so excited to get his novel out into the world for people to read. I think the monster is one of my finest, and the style of the story being a strange combination of letters, diary entries, and memos will keep the audience interested at every turn. I like to be invested as a writer; therefore, I like to keep my readers invested as well.  Here is a sneak preview of the new cover:dol39cover
  2. I finally took the plunge and got reacquainted with the modern world of video games. Being a nostalgic gamer like myself who tends to dwell on classics from decades ago, I haven’t bought a “new” game for the last decade or so. This last Thursday night at midnight, I traded in a bunch of these old games and got the new version of Pokemon called Moon. This is the first time I’ve bought a game at midnight. I went to Gamestop expecting no one to be there. Having my own schedule with my writing job, and it being a work night for most of humanity, I expected there to just be a few people for the midnight release. There was a line around the building. Before I left I joked with my wife that I’d be the oldest guy there with the most kids. There were plenty of fathers, sons, and grandfathers waiting along the pavement of the glowing video game store, which glittered like some sort of electronic jewel against the winter-dark. Clearly other people had the same idea as me.
  3. I’ve finally succumbed to the modern phenomenon of watching people play video games on YouTube. This is almost a way for me to play all these games I can’t afford but would like to. Recently, I’ve been entranced with Alien Isolation. I’ve always been a huge fan of Alien. The Xenomorph is a top five monster for me by far. Alien Isolation shows off the originality of the creature,  plus taps into our current addictive personality when it comes to fear. Never have I watched so many adults playing the game simultaneously smile in terror and weep in frustration. I can understand why these almost instructional videos have become so popular. They make you emotionally invested in the game at a safe percentage. It is almost like when someone tells you about something scary happening to them, and you get scared too, but you’re glad it is not you.
  4. I’ve started sharing some business advice on my blog in the nonfiction section. I never thought I would even considered dolling out pointers about marketing and such, but if you’re a writer in this saturated media environment, then you know quite well self-promotion waits in the shadow of your composition. It is a Barracuda in the shallows with its jaws hanging out like a damaged puppet. You must acknowledge that your story has to appear palatable without anyone knowing anything about it.  This last week, I wrote about reinterpreting the word customer, and what it means to you if you’re running your own business or are an entrepreneur. You can read it by clicking here. I will continue to share as many pointers about craft and business as I can. I’m happy to share any information. This is a community. We all deserve help. I have certainly benefited from other people’s advice.
  5. One thing I love doing with my fiction writing is I take a nonfiction setting from my past and inject it with original characters and plot devices. I choose an atmosphere from my own personal memory so I can hit on all the sensory details to make the environment come to life like some sort of pestilence-ridden reanimated corpse. I did this my in recent flash fiction piece The Serpentine. You can read it by clicking here. I was a student at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, just like the character from the story. I actually spent time in Walter Library, and I would stare at the Serpentine stone after having learned about is origin. Personal memory doesn’t have to be excluded when writing fiction.

Thank you everyone for the kindness and support. Have a safe week. Happy Thanksgiving!


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