Visit me at 13 Gears


Hello all! I’m very excited to announce that I’ll be a vendor at the upcoming steampunk event 13 Gears. The celebration is for just one day, this Saturday November 5th from 1:00 – 8:00 pm. I’ll be selling my books and wares at a table, and I will be in steampunk costume. I’m very excited that my spellcheck automatically knows what steampunk is, and also recognizes it as a word. This is an amazing event. I actually did 13 Gears back in 2013, and I still recall it as one of the best venues I’ve ever attended.

Click Here to be Taken to 13 Gears Homepage for more Information

Three of my books have steampunk influences. Beware the Ills takes place in an outright steampunk universe, complete with airships, walking machines with clunky gears, and steam-powered automatic crossbows. Seven Monsters has my most famous fiction story to date called Lobo, which started my career in fiction writing. This story features a race across the sky with two airships, and a mutilated dragon with plated metal for organs. I Sing Constellations has my favorite short story I have ever written called Demonland, which also takes place in a steampunk setting. So the influence of gears and goggles is very apparent in my writing.

If you’re free this Saturday to come visit and attend this awesome event, you’ll be privy to music, great merchandise, and excellent cosplay. Please come on out and support your local and independent artists. Thank you.


3 thoughts on “Visit me at 13 Gears

  1. Hello Patrick. I nominated you for the Three Quotes a Day Challenge

    Please take the challenge. It will be fun and what a great way to start your day and inspire others with your quotes.


    Do 3 quotes for 3 days.
    Display 3 quotes a day on your blog.
    Nominate 3 bloggers per day for 3 days.
    Notify each of their nominations on your blog.

    This will be a very fun challenge. Enjoy, have fun and have a fabulous day!!!


    1. Thank you so much for the comments. They’ve really been amazing and I appreciate it beyond anything. Communicating with people with similar ailments is perhaps one of the best things about writing these nonfiction essays. I’m eager to do this challenge, but it might be some time before I’m able to do it. This week I’m going to release a novel on Kindle so
      I’m sort of stacked. I will get to this eventually and thank you for nominating me and commenting on my work. Thank you so very much.


    2. Thank you so much for responding back to me. Don’ worry. I would love it that you can do the quote challenge whenever you can. There is definitely not a time limit at all. Just enjoy it and do it whenever you have some extra time. Thank you so much. Congratulations on all of your talents and achievements. Congratulations on releasing a novel with Kindle. That is so awesome! What a blessing you are to so many!!!


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