New Excerpt from the Greenland Diaries on Bob’s Short Story Hour

Bob's Image

I’m happy to announce a few more days of The Greenland Diaries have been released via Bob’s Short Story Hour. This has been an ongoing operation for the last year, and I’m so happy to be a part of such an awesome production.

The first ten days of The Greenland Diaries are free online for people who want to sample the book and series. However, through Bob’s Short Story Hour I have gone all the way up to Day 20, giving you free content from the novel itself. Bob’s Short Story Hour is one of the best independent podcasts around, and I’m thrilled to have him as an ongoing colleague.

Click Here to Listen to the Greenland Diaries Days 17 & 19

You should always listen to the podcast straight through. Bob does an excellent job of finding entertaining and thought-provoking content mixed with original music. If you’re one of those one-tracked people and need your monster fix right away, skip ahead all the way to 13:10 for the latest days from The Greenland Diaries.

If you’re late to the party and need to start from the beginning of the series on the podcast, you can click here to be taken to the first days of this apocalyptic nightmare.

Bob and I are kicking the idea around of starting are own podcast where I would write original content and stories, and Bob would produce and narrate them. We would focus on the journal entry format like in The Greenland Diaries, only there would be a few more wrinkles to it. Our first story would potentially take place in a science fiction setting with a derelict planet and lost communication signal. A man in a suit of high-powered armor is dropped on the surface to investigate, and each entry is an upload from his personal log. Bob and I are both huge fans of Metroid, so this would be a slight homage to Samus and Nintendo. It would also be an exploration of the themes of colonization, pollution, and fear. More details coming soon. Thank you everyone for listening, and for reading.


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