Monday Musings 10/24

Been away from the computer fairly often recently. I’ve been trying to give my wife a break with the twins, and this requires me to drive around in our minivan so they can take a solid nap. Most of my musings occur while driving, so I’m slowly becoming proficient with writing blogs on my iPhone. Anyways, enjoy!

1. A Sunday night must be the strangest time to drive around the world to anyone who isn’t working the following Monday. The whole world just shuts down. It is almost like the greater percentage of humanity is afraid of some Godzilla-like monster crawling out of the sewer to cause havoc under a halo of emerald-spiked fireballs. I remember working at the movie theater and how Sunday nights would be dead and empty. A few people would come in for the show, and I would be jealous that they were starting their week with a bit of escapism.

2. Now that I’m solely selling books for a living and writing, everything has changed concerning what I’m doing. The sense of urgency is immediate and terrifying. I feel both free to pursue what I love, and completely uncomfortable about having to rely on my writing for money. I feel like the whole world has be telling me for so long that this can’t happen. You can’t do what you want. It always has to be a side job. It always has to be something of a hobby. Now that it is front and center, I’m having a hard time believing it is there. What kind of world do we live in when our dreams can become mirages?

3. I’m happy to slightly announce that Bob from Bob’s Short Story Hour and I will be launching a new podcast in the next few months. Nothing has been firmed up or anything, but we’re planning on launching a podcast with original stories to be narrated by him and written by me. They’ll be released in segments on a monthly basis. Basically, we’ll do one story for six months, publish it once a month, and then switch to a new story for the 2nd half of the year. We were originally going to do The Greenland Diaries, but that story has its own heartbeat, so we will try original tales written for this format. More details coming soon.

4. In one week I’ll be releasing DOL 39 exclusively on the Kindle. I’m truly excited to get this book out there, and for my audience to have a very unique and terrifying relationship with the monster inside the story. The suspense of the setting, the society of containment, and the psychological damage of obsessive fear all take a distant backdrop to the power of the monster. If you’re looking for something original and believable, look no further than my DOL.

5. If you haven’t watched on Netflix the sci-fi and horror series Black Mirror yet, you need to do that asap. Similar to the Twilight Zone or the Outer Limits, Black Mirror is a small, tightly written series about technology and society. There can sometimes be a supernatural element to them as well. Each story stands by itself. In a storytelling environment rampant with sequels and expanded universes, Black Mirror keeps things small, which leads to a larger emotional effect and biting social commentary. The newest season was released just this last weekend. I watched the whole thing in one night. It is that good.

Have a safe week everyone. My books are currently on sale right now 2 for $20. I also pay shipping unless it is international. Find the deal by clicking here on the store. Thank you for the support.

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