Visit me at Crypticon Minneapolis 2016


Hello all! Just a short post today that I’ll be selling my books and doing a panel at this great horror convention taking place this coming weekend (October 14th, 15th, and 16th) here in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. The exact location is in Bloomington at a new hotel the Crowne Plaza for the event. For room rates, hours of operation, and perfectly articulate details:

Click Here to be Taken to Crypticon Minneapolis Homepage

If you’ve never been to a Crypticon before, well, you’re missing out on the macabre and horror in ways you’ve never known. This convention is fantastic, especially the one here in Minnesota. The operations, entertainment, and convention controllers are kind and flexible. The guests are great, diverse, and always well-treated so they’re kind to the attendees. In fact, last year was sort of a heaven for me because we had both Bishop (Lance Henriksen) and Hicks (Michael Biehn) from Aliens here. I was way too nervous to say anything to them or pose for a picture, but I did walk by their tables nervously giggling. Doug Jones was also here, and I wanted to give him a note I wrote to Guillermo Del Toro about how much I loved his use of monsters against historical settings, but instead I settled for some awkward mumbles about Minnesota weather and sports.

Anyways, I will be here selling my books and artwork. I can’t wait to see all my old convention friends and to be making some new ones. This will be my forth year at Crypticon here in Minneapolis, and as someone who writes about monsters 80% of the time, I fit right-in like that rotting man-suit from Men in Black.

I’ll be selling my mix and match combo of any book and piece of artwork for $20. I don’t have any information on the panel as of yet, but it’ll probably be on early on Saturday or Sunday. If you’re in the area and need to get a good dose of friendly horror, please come visit me at this convention. You’ll love it!


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