Monday Musings 10/10

I’m a very happy person today. This Monday I’m going to shed my five point summary of random observations from my personal life since I was lucky enough to have WordPress Discovery feature one of my blog posts. I am so thankful that WordPress was able to give me this opprotunity. This has been the second time I’ve been featured on WordPress Discovery. The first time was close to a year ago when my essay I Can’t Change the Sunlight was published. I have since taken that story down because it is slowly being integrated into a nonfiction novel.

Click here to go to WordPress Discovery to see the article featured through them. It is titled No Face

On the page you’ll have to scroll down a little bit. There is an awesome graphic they put with my story that was not created by me. Being a purebred writer, my visual art skills are meager at best. I think I can draw a tree and a monster, but that is it. I’m happy WordPress took that over for me, and made such an awesome illustration. I really appreciate it.

The piece that got me noticed this time was once again a nonfiction story about battling depression, and using monsters to represent my pain. When I originally wrote this essay, I didn’t think it was particularly strong or unique. I had written other stories I would deem superior and better crafted. This is the beauty of blogging, writing, or simply creating art. There is always one unknown element to introducing a little chunk of your soul to the world. You never know what people will like and what they won’t. You will be wrong about what your audience wants. You will be right about what your audience wants. However, you will never be consistent in what people respond to, and what they don’t.

This mystery is all part of the fun.

No Face is the title of the essay. At the onset of it you’re sort of branded with this aura of hopelessness, which stems from my lifelong battle of depression. The more and more you move through the metaphors of monsters, meditations, and tunnels without starts or ends, you realize that the chaos of never having complete control over your depression is in itself liberating.

Click Here to be Directly Taken to No Face

Thank you everyone for reading my work and continuing to support me. This boost from WordPress Discovery is coming at a great time for me. Currently, I’m out of work and trying to make this writing career my sole source of income. It is a meager start to supporting my family, but now seems like the best time to see if I can do it on my own. Writing this blog is part of that ambition, and knowing that the blogger community notices my rants is a huge honor.

Thank you everyone.

4 thoughts on “Monday Musings 10/10

  1. I once studied Art Therapy before my monsters took away my ability to go to school. Art therapy comes in many forms. I was studying children’s art therapy and there was this little boy who had severe autism among other mental illnesses. He would draw these violent creatures. The creatures, he said, were not made up. He saw them (no one else did). His mom allowed me to present his artwork to my class. It was my pleasure and kinda creeped me out a little. Take care, and thanks again for sharing.


  2. Go for it Patrick …you deserve to be discovered …and although depression is a horrible burden to carry maybe you wouldn’t be able to write those amazing ( and YES sleep with the lights on) stories that you do ….I think you know which one is MY love/hate favorite:D:D:D


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