Monday Musings 9/19

Another week, and another list of random musings from my convoluted mind. I’ve mentioned this many times before, but out of all the blog posts I make about myself, Monday Musings are by far the most difficult. I think my internal marketer tends to censor my thoughts when I’m not writing in narrative form. I’m at war with myself. My soul is rattling about like some star factory in the shadow of a black hole. It is not that dramatic, but seriously, I have the quintessential writer moment where I stare at the computer screen and go: “Derrrrrr.”

  1. The start of the school year always reminds me of the wonders of bacteria. From now until school ends, we’ll be getting assaulted and assailed by squadrons of germs, which attack us with a Tie Fighter like frequency on the flame-wild outskirts of a space battle. My mind has two very melodramatic reactions to this brewing storm of sneezes, coughs, and worse. One is to douse the entire house in a clear goo of antibacterial gel, like my children were returning from scrounging some wasteland and they needed to be purified before entering the survivors’ camp. The second is to not do anything about it, and let the germs come barging through my castle gates, and scale my walls with grappling hooks. I accept the invasion like the Beast did so solemnly as they stormed his home in Beauty and the Beast: “Just let them come.”
  2. Being a huge Nintendo fan, I’ve recently been playing on my Nintendo DS the old Metroid game Metroid Prime: Hunters. This game is about ten years old, so I’m a little late to the party, but I’ve loved the Metroid series all my life. While playing this game, which features Samus raiding planet after planet for artifacts and organisms wanted by the government, I can’t help but wonder if this will eventually be a motive for space travel once alien worlds are discovered. Will we actually hire people to be treasure hunters/thieves? Will we send retired warriors in high powered suits of armor into the depths of volcanoes and swamps just to claim some tablet from a dead species?
  3. We’ve been watching The Shannara Chronicles on Netflix this last week. The show is decent, but very MTV. There are loads of attractive people, stunning special effects, and also horribly written dialogue reminiscent of a freshmen creative writing course in college. The writing lacks any natural progression that occurs when speaking in realistic conversations. This being said, the rest of the show is great, especially the setting, which is a ravishing post-apocalyptic fantasy story. We’re constantly treated to sweeping green landscapes of bygone industrial earth, with a few skyscrapers and satellites doting the velvet horizon.
  4. Fall keeps on appearing in random intervals of cold air and weak sunlight. Occasionally, as the heat rises out of the plants like a fog of exhaust on a crowded highway, I think the jungle jewel of the summer has returned. It felt like the air was trying to suffocate you. Payback for all the damage we’re doing to this planet. The evenings now have a style of sun that seems like it is from a painting versus some golden star at the center of our being. The leaves haven’t changed yet, but they’re on the cusp. It was like they were about to perform at a public speaking event. I think even the kids who are in school now are ready for a something new with the weather.
  5. This last week I published some interesting posts here on What the Basement Said. Besides my Monday Musings, I’ve been endeavoring to put out a new nonfiction and flash fiction post on weekly basis. My nonfiction post was about my fascination with abandoned buildings, specifically old big box retailers Kmart and Circuit City. Please click here to read Abandoned. If you’ve read my book Beware the Ills, then you’ll enjoy my flash fiction piece That Blue Shadow of the Mountain, which takes place from the POV of the character Blue. If you’ve read Beware the Ills, then Blue will be a favorite. He is a very memorable character.

Thank you everyone for the support. I’ve currently got a sale in my store taking place for two books for $20.00, and I also pay shipping and sign the books for you. This is a great deal. Have a safe week everyone.

6 thoughts on “Monday Musings 9/19

  1. What an interesting and enjoyable read, I love getting to know more of the inner goings on of a persons mind, this post has been very refreshing. I completely agree with you on your first point, there will no doubt be an influx of constant illnesses from now until the end of spring for anybody in contact with children.


  2. Ah, yes. The wonderful germ wars. We began our third week of school yesterday, with one kid home with a fever, and the other two off to school functional, but with colds (they were blessed with fevers at the onset of the weekend). I was lucky enough to finally have a sore throat and nasal congestion by the time bedtime came around. It is my least favorite part of back to school. I have triplets in elementary school, and they bring home all the good stuff. But, it’s immunity building, right?


  3. Some great info in here, Patrick . I was wondering about that series on Netflix 😀 I’ve just finished watching once upon a time season 5 and am distraught 😀 Not a fan of MTV these days. I am getting on a bit. ha ha! Or I have woken um from a nebulous mind numbing state of T.V. land. Yeah, germs . I hate germs. I had to take my daughter out of school and to the doctor for an apparent tummy ache. It transpired over the course of today that Boys (smelly, germy 😉 have been telling her that horrible monsters are going to come into her room. No wonder she had three nightmares last night! She is only going to be 5 in October so I’ve tried the whole standing up for yourself speech – She is convinced monsters are real. I had to “phone” the school for monster students this afternoon to have a word with the head teacher about her unruly and extremely naughty students.

    Good news about your book. I’m currently studying at the moment so I have quite a stack of books to be getting on with. I will keep yours in mind for the future.

    All the best and take care.


    1. Yeah, I need to watch that next. I’ve heard really good things. Yeah those were my thoughts exactly about Shannara, but I read a few of the books and the universe sold me. The sickness wave is ultra frustrating. Germs make you feel out of control. I hope she feels better. She should make scarier monsters than they did, and scare them back. That’s what I would do lol. I hope the school actually takes care of it. We’ve had issues with kids and bullying. Thank you for commenting and your thoughtful words. I appreciate it. Take care.


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