Monday Musings 8/29

Been a weird week for me. My family had an outbreak of illness. My wife almost contracted Mastitis. My son Teaghan got a mosquito bite right below his eye on his face. His entire eyelid has swelled up like he had contact with an alien disease from a rogue asteroid. He also fell and banged his chin on my knee, creating a nice little bruise next to his mouth. Overall, I think the neighbors assume he is some part-time street fighter roaming the alleys of Minneapolis. Also, my dog ate some chocolate and for two whole days had borderline uncontrollable Diarrhea.

Needless to say, it wasn’t the most relaxing weekend.

Not that I really have the ability to chill out. I’m in sort of Mr. Robot funk right now. If you have Amazon Prime, you can watch the whole first season for free via their App. This show was very brilliant and horrifying, with an 80’s soundtrack and camera style to rival Stranger Things. The messages Mr. Robot alludes to throughout the show are mind-numbing existential quandaries if you think about them long enough.

They echo a sentiment I know I share in my own life, which is we build our identities with materials and money, but not with action. We surround ourselves with things to make us feel good, but our quality of life is a sacrifice from another country or person. There is a great quote about Steve Job being a great man, despite having built his empire on the narrow shoulders of child labor.

It is not easy to hear these arguments or ideas.

The truth of how distant our possessions are from the source of their creation is intentional. The same goes for meat. I’ve flirted with idea of becoming a vegetarian. I’ve killed animals hunting. It is a horrible experience. The food chain does exist in nature, but that doesn’t mean we should slaughter animals so relentlessly. As human beings, we are giving the choice of what we will consume. I have no doubt that future generations will look back at our wild consumption of meat and think we were barbaric.

The other day I watched a fox being skinned alive. It wasn’t dead once they got its bloody hide free. It squirmed in shock against the air like a newborn baby.

Is there no limit to any of this pain? Do we really need so many things to make us happy?

There are thrift shops lining the strip malls of every town in America. Inside each store are thousands of items people don’t want anymore, because they want new things. If you ever sneak a look into the back stock room, usually there are cardboard towards rising up to the warehouse rafters, like a prisoner’s fingers reaching toward light in some jailed pit. The smell of storage area is sour and stagnant, like dead time were forged into a fragrance by some bizarre demigod. I don’t even know what happens to the merchandise that are not sold at Thrift Stores. I assume they get burned or destroyed. We then create more waste to damage the earth.

We’re in this hyper-capitalistic cycle of pain. I’m a part of it too. I won’t deny my involvement.

This is what a good piece of media should do for you. Mr. Robot made me think more than usual, to the point that I have a headache. This isn’t a bad thing. I’m lucky to be able to express my opinion via this blog.

Last week I wrote about Equivalent Exchange, which is an alchemist law about sacrificing vs acquiring. Click here to check it out. I talk mostly about sacrificing your predestined place in society for a chance to be yourself and follow your dream. Felt good to write. I hope to have another piece of nonfiction done for Wednesday. This one will include a bobcat, which we’ve had living in our backyard for the last month.

Thank you for the support. Please comment, share, and enjoy the writing. I love doing this blog. Thank you.

4 thoughts on “Monday Musings 8/29

  1. I began having these uncomfortable thoughts when I was very young. I analyzed as a child, analyzed as an adult…and now compare the two eras of my life.

    I’m content to say that the rwo schools of thought never changed much, as I carried them through to ‘Old Fossilhood’. I am NOT, however, happy about forgetting too many times during the past 5.5 decades, to mine own self be true.

    Reading things like this strengthens my resolve to do so.

    (i don’t often comment here, but i read your blog daily…pearl)


    1. Thank you so much for commenting. The world is harsh to people who are sensitive enough to see it for what it really is. I bet it is satisfying to know you always been able to examine life and uncomfortable thoughts between young and old. Most people never confront them, and such sadness builds from never being honest with one self.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. You are most welcome….your work always makes me think clear across my life.

      I credit my mother and granny for much of my determination to ‘think past the end of my nose’ as far back as childhood, and my dad for insisting that, “To thine own self be true.” is probably the most important advice anyone could receive.


  2. Well, said, Patrick. More people need to open their eyes to how much clutter we put into our lives to feel better. The world would be a better place if collected friendship, humility, and helping hands in our lives versus electronics, clothes, cars, etc. 🙂


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