New Excerpt from Greenland Diaries on Bob’s Short Story Hour

Bob's Image

I’m happy to announce that a new excerpt from The Greenland Diaries has been included on Bob’s Short Story Hour. As usual, I’m tremendously honored to be part of such an awesome podcast and program. This is a high-quality production that Bob puts on, and it is completely free.

These latest entries from The Greenland Diaries are part of Episode 13 and they start at approximately 59:00 (though you should listen to the entire program, it is completely awesome). They are days 11 and 13. These are two really good entries, including a battle with the Unnamed inside a dark Semi trailer.

Click Here to Listen to the Greenland Diaries on Bob’s Short Story Hour Episode 13

The Greenland Diaries works so great in this format, it will formally be launched in September at some point, and I’ll make sure to make a post about it on here with all the relevant information. Very excited for this project. This is sort of a match made in heaven for both story and technology.

If you need to start from the beginning of The Greenland Diaries on Bob’s Short Story Hour, here is the episode with Day One. Please click here.

Thank you everyone who continues to support us. We’re thankful beyond belief. Stay tuned for more information about The Greenland Diaries podcast, and other appearances.


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