My Convergence Schedule


Hello all! If you’re going to be in the Twin Cities for the mega fantasy and science fiction convention known as CONvergence, well, I’ll see you there. I’ll be moderating four panels, and be speaking on two, for a grand total of six. This is a massive convention that allows you to get lost in the awesome looking crowd with little or no effort. I highly suggest attending. Here is my convergence schedule:


2:00 pm – Walking Dead – Panelist

7:00 pm – Trains – Panelist


2:00 pm – Writing by Ear – Moderator

3:30 pm – Poetry in Fandom – Moderator

7:00 pm – Rise of Dark Fantasy – Moderator


9:30 am – Buying Cover Art – Moderator

I’m really striving for some excellent material concerning the panels I moderate. I’ve been in communication with my other panelists and we’ve created a basic itinerary for each discussion. I want this to be a fun and engaging event to everyone, including me. I’ll have copies of my books to sell as well, including The Greenland Diaries. Please come on out for this awesome event.

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