Listen to More Entries of the Greenland Diaries on Bob’s Short Story Hour

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I’m happy to announce there are new entries from The Greenland Diaries on Bob’s Short Story Hour. Currently, my apocalyptic hell-child of unchecked botanical growth and faceless monsters is being serialized on Bob’s excellent podcast and production. Reading the stories on paper is one thing, but having a professional like Bob read them aloud for all to hear is truly an experience. We’re working through the first ten days currently, which is the heart of the suspense for the story.

Click Here to Listen to the Latest Days (3 -6)  from The Greenland Diaries

Click Here to Listen to the First Days (1-2) from The Greenland Diaries

I’m very proud of this story and this collaboration with Bob. We’ve got a good thing going here and it will continue. The Greenland Diaries started so nonchalantly as a poorly constructed blog on Google’s blogspot. I would write entries every day, and then twice a week, and then it became a book series. At first, only my family and friends through acts of pity would read my story. The only place it would appear besides on the actual site, which was a digital grain in a sea of blogging sand, was on Facebook. To see the fresh direction it’s going with Bob, and the the third book slated to be released this fall at Crypticon 2016 here in Minneapolis, well, it makes me feel a little good. With writing you’re never satisfied. You’re always looking for the perfect plot, character, and sentence. If you’re a writer you’ve dedicated yourself to an art that has no finishing mark. Writing is like climbing a ladder. There is no bottom and there is no top. There is nothing to look at or acknowledge. There is only the ladder. Only the ladder is real.

You’re the ladder.


One thought on “Listen to More Entries of the Greenland Diaries on Bob’s Short Story Hour

  1. I read The Greenland Diaries on my kindle a couple of weeks back when on a trip. I liked the format and thought it was a well-written, suspenseful story and enjoyed it very much. Keep up the good work!


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