Monday Musings 6/13

I recently wanted to walk up to a coworker of mine and tell him he looked like a font. He was the physical manifestation of Times New Roman, as in he was standard, sharp, and strangely uninteresting. My coworker is thin, and always wears a dress shirt tucked into perfectly ironed pants. He has no excess hairs on his face, and his flattop haircut is as regulated as the length of grass in a Town Home Association. He looks like he just stepped out of a training video used in orientation for how you should look in any corporate environment. I tell him none of these things because he’s in charge of marketing, so he could create a Karl-Rove-level smear campaign against me. Still, it’s fun to compare people to fonts. Try it this week.

  1. This week my wife and I binged on Curb Your Enthusiasm. I love the show, but I have to admit it sheds something sociologically interesting about our lives. Our whole existence revolves around eating. We’re constantly going out to eat, meeting for lunch, hitting fast food places, walking up to food trucks, and hosting meals. Disregard the social norms, awkwardness, and human behavior Larry David explores so hilariously. Every social situation surrounds food in some way. Would we even bother with one another unless there was nutrients to smooth the environment? I know the motivation for me to attend many events in college was free food. Is that still the main force? The great flavor-magnetism of social interaction?
  2. I released my second collection of short stories last week titled I Sing Constellations. I’m very proud of this anthology. I wanted to create something that had more of a science fiction edge than other projects. I achieved it with this anthology. I love the monsters in this book. They’re a little all over the place. They range from very supernatural to real and natural, like you could catch one in any Minnesota lake. It felt really good to get these monsters out of my head. They’d plagued me for the last decade. Now everyone else can think about them instead of just me. Misery loves company.
  3. My heart goes out to the people of Orlando. Senseless violence now has a place in our society. The 24 hour news cycle gives the killer so much attention. I feel like there is an unintended glamorization of the villain. We need to limit the use of weapons that can cause such high levels of bodily arm. I tend to stay away from the political theater, but I do think there has to be some legislative reaction to this problem. Whatever the form is in response is still under discussion. However, something must be done. Evil wins if you do nothing.
  4. I watched the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies this weekend. Oddly, I loved it. It felt like the perfect throwback to the old 80’s and 90’s television show etched into my nostalgic youth. It was better than both Marvel Civil War and X-Men: Apocalypse in my opinion. TMNT manages to stay true to its comic and cartoon roots, while creating a believable universe in a flurry of action moves. However, the best part of the film might be the addition of villians Rocksteady and Beebop. Both actors carried their roles perfectly, and nailed the boorish, yet, charismatic tendencies of both antagonists. A movie that has a hold of its identity, and doesn’t overreach itself is hard to find these days. For the most part, TMNT achieves it.
  5. Having written a bunch of depressing and confessional nonfiction. and also read it out loud at various readings, you would think writing about certain subjects would be easier. It’s not. Writing about my depression, suicide attempt, and all the sadness involved takes a toll on me. Some days its easy to write about all these things. Other days, I want to curl into a ball and watch anime.

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