My New Book I Sing Constellations is Now Available

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I’m happy to announce that I’ve released a new book of short stories called: “I Sing Constellations.” This is a collection of tales from all corners of the genre galaxy. Science fiction, fantasy, horror, Cyberpunk, Steampunk, urban fantasy, dark fantasy, the list is slightly endless depending upon how you classify these literary skins. Each story stands by itself, and the story Rain will be getting its own novel in the coming year thanks to your generous voting here on my website. Thank you Al Ostman for your awesome illustration to integrate into my cover. Thank you my lovely wife Geneva Marsh for helping me with the design. I’m very proud of these stories. I love them all. Some of my favorites include:

I Sing Constellations


Factory 9

The Oak Door Highway

The Fountain

All these stories are based on monsters I molded between the ages of 15 and 26. They’d sort of taken over my mind for the last decade, so it feels really, really good to get them out of there. Sometimes when you don’t give your monsters their time in the sun, they start to bully you around a bunch. Its like a scratch you can’t get to. A sliver buried just right in your gelatinous skin. This has been my life until I released these stories. Now that they’re gone, at least temporarily, and I can focus on other things. I have a bunch of other projects to work on, including the third novel in The Greenland Diaries, which would be Days 141 – 200. I’m also in early talks to move The Greenland Diaries into a podcast format.

Click Here to Purchase I Sing Constellations from Me

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Having published my fifth book now, I feel very lucky and proud to have been able to make my dreams become a slight bit of reality, and get my voice out there for people to enjoy. Thank you everyone who continue to support me as I try to write stories, sentences, and images that resonate with your hearts. A colleague of mine asked me what I wanted to do with my writing, or more specifically what kind of vision did I have for it. I replied quickly and honestly, like I was being quizzed by some lurking higher power,

“I want to help people with my writing.”


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