Monday Musings 6/6

Feels good to be back writing some musings. Been sick recently and celebrating the 1st birthday of my twin boys. I can’t believe it has been a one year already. I barely remember the last 365 days of my life. Cool things happened for certain. It has also marked one year since I put my dog Millie down due to organ failure. I’ve been to both sides of the emotional spectrum. I’ve visited both heaven and hell. I guess if you’re living life properly you’re always holding a scythe and an angel wing at the same time. I’m sure we’d all prefer just one of those extensions.

  1. I watched X-Men: Apocalypse. I didn’t think it was as terrible as the reviews stated. Apocalypse himself is not my favorite villain, and he’s a little too obscene on a comic book level for them to pursue with film. He ended up looking gimmicky and ridiculous, despite an adequate performance from Oscar Isaac. Bryan Singer still excels at spinning and wheeling the X-Men universe. He really excels in the smaller moments between these characters. Magneto and Xavier are both transcendent powers, but they seem human and flawed when left alone over a cup of coffee or walk through campus. They share doubt besides their godlike abilities. They struggle to be human when the world isn’t about to fall apart. This has always been the strength of the X-Men, and Singer captures it perfectly.
  2. My series The Greenland Diaries is being serialized on a podcast called Bob’s Short Story Hour. Each time he releases a new show, a few more days from my apocalyptic nightmare will be shared. Bob has an excellent production. He scared me listening to his narration of the story, and I wrote the damn thing. I highly suggest giving this story a chance in the oral storytelling format. Please click here to find the latest episode.
  3. Speaking of The Greenland Diaries, I have released a revised serial of the prequel to this story. The prequel is called The Unnamed, which are the principal monsters from The Greenland Diaries. This serial is available on The Greenland Diaries homepage. I publish a new entry every Thursday. If you like very weird and disturbing stories about time, space, and the capacity for experimentation, then you’ll enjoy this story. Click here to be taken to The Unnamed.
  4. I’ve been watching Game of Thrones recently. I feel like this season has been one giant filler episode though, like what happens in Naruto between ninja fights. I keep hoping for that giant battle. When will they release the zombie Mountain? It has been interesting how the clergy has manipulated the royalty. Also, you can tell the writers for the series no longer have the concrete backbone of Martin’s literature to draw from. Not gone completely, but slightly diminished is the flowing nomenclature and tense dialogue of previous seasons. We spend more time on landscape shots and sweeping vistas than inside dungeons or on horseback. Conversations are no longer the plot-spike, but the rising action like in a CBS drama. I still love the show, but you can tell they miss Martin’s skeleton.
  5. We’re at that point in summer where it feels like winter never happened. Cold air seems like some lifeless echo pursing the lips on a sideways corpse. Frost is that thing on Christmas cards you’re throwing away from miscellaneous piles on your counter. The sterile glare of uncensored cold hanging off streetlights like some demon were trapped against the pavement is gone. Now the night is thick and inky. The summer is a painting that refuses to dry.

3 thoughts on “Monday Musings 6/6

  1. God you sound to have a lot on …..a painting that never dries indeed:D:D:D ……and happy 1st birthday to your lovely boys …..make the most of them ……hmmmmmm yep ….wait till they hit puberty:D:D:D ….ok …ok….a ways to go yet ….enjoy …time really does fly tho:):):):)


    1. Yes I always enjoy your work ….I love the thought of someone reading it aloud and scaring YOU witless:D:D:D ….I keep trying to have breaks from blogging tho …..have committed myself to reading about the attempts to rationalise the universe ….Steven Hawkins and others …string theory …black holes …and that the maths won’t go there as we have not enough numbers apparantly ….SERIOUSLY ..I don’t know who the hell I think I am:D:D:D


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