Listen to the Greenland Diaries on Bob’s Short Story Hour

Bob's Image

I’ve very excited and proud to share that Bob’s Short Story Hour, a podcast that has published some of my short stories in the past, will be serializing my apocalyptic narrative The Greenland Diaries on his show. At the tail end of each episode, he’ll be sharing one or two days from my story. The content will appear on a continuous basis for a long time. Bob’s voice and production is a perfect home for The Greenland Diaries. He has a high quality operation, and I’m very happy to be a part of it. This is an exciting collaboration.

Click Here to Listen to Bob’s Short Story Hour & The Greenland Diaries

Right now the first two days of The Greenland Diaries can be heard. If you need to read the first 10 days of the series, you can find them for free by clicking here.

Supporting independent artists like Bob and myself is a gateway to a bunch of warm and fuzzy feelings. We appreciate your support. Without your time and energy our stories would be vacant buildings along a haunted shipyard hanging over poisoned water. Enjoy the monsters, the voices, the drum, and all the horrors we slide into your day like those fuzzy creatures you throw baseballs at in a carnival. Thank you for your support.


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