Monday Musings 5/23

Hello everyone! I’m pleased that I’ve carved out a little bit of time to update this blog within my myriad of projects hanging on my shoulders. Occasionally, these objectives misfire wildly like those laser canons owned by a Predator. Someone tell Carl Weathers to watch out.

  1. My book The Greenland Diaries is now discounted down from $4.99 on the Kindle to $1.99. This is a great deal. You can buy the Kindle version of it by clicking here. If you haven’t read this series you can read the first 10 days of it for free on here. This is a great way to enter this universe that I’m still expanding, and I’m currently working on the third book in the series. There will be five total. The suspense of the story is the draw. You’re locked in a world with amazing monsters and a man with virtually no skills. We’re not following around Steven Segal, but an overweight bank teller with a clingy miniature dachshund. You’re locked into his monster-narrow perspective, and at the mercy of the same forces as him. Plus, the abominations themselves are my ultimate creation. I opened every drawer of my monster cabinet to make them.
  2. Been watching a lot of Deadliest Catch recently on Hulu. Honestly, the show is so intense but mundane at the same time, it’s almost like the story shouldn’t exist at all, and vanish into itself like some cosmic anomaly trying to befuddle Picard. Injuries, personal conflict, and mechanical mishaps remind us how dangerous the Bering Sea is with its inky swells of muddy oblivion. A rogue wave will batter the deck. A Pot will come loose and jump around like a lonely box on the curbside. However, when you watch them just casually working on the deck, even with the frothing ocean always looking like a cauldron of water left boiling in an empty kitchen, you forget that less than 1% of the entire human population can handle this job. Watching the show you feel like work is work, even with a simmering black hole just off the starboard side.
  3. We’re tremendously lucky to have the opportunity to say goodbye to our loved ones and be in their physical presence as their soul gets peeled way from these sinewy restraints, and sent off into whatever afterlife awaits us. Two of my friends from different countries have completely missed the death of their parents. It sucks. We take it for granted. As you get older, the role of parent and child changes. You want to ask the nurse questions. You want to memorize the pattern of fluorescent lights outside the waiting room. You want to be there drinking cheap coffee.
  4. This last week I forgot to post a new Reaction for my DOL 39 story that publishes on every Friday. If you haven’t read this story, and you enjoy the relationship a monster can have with humanity in a potential beneficial way, then you need to read this story. It is completely free, and the style varies in perspective and format from week to week. You see all sides of this conflict through journal entries, work reports, battle accounts, and maintenance logs. With a lull in a new posts, now is a perfect time to read this story, which also features a heck of a monster. It’s probably my third favorite monster of mine. Click here to find DOL 39.
  5. I’ll be starting a new serialized story called Chains on Wednesday this week. I’ve tried publishing it a few times before, but the nonfiction feelings providing the fictional content were always too hard on me emotionally. Now, with where I am in this life, I feel like I can write about what these two characters are going through. More details forthcoming. Thank you everyone for being amazing and kind. I appreciate the support. I hope everyone has a safe and healthy week.

8 thoughts on “Monday Musings 5/23

  1. I found the book anyway and got it. I enjoy your writing. (Your blog always includes those excellent sci-fi references. Love Star Trek especially, being an old and original Trekkie.) Your #3 put me right back in that room, shades pulled, sharp medicine smell. You’re right – I was lucky. I could not have been anywhere else.


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