Monday Musings 5/16

Sorry for the absence. I’ve been overloaded with projects the last few weeks. One project is a collection of Flash Fiction pieces that I originally published on this blog, which I’m turning into a short story collection. Another project is the sequel to the Greenland Diaries, which will be days 141 – 200. I’ve also started to work on the flash fiction to novel survey winner, which I’ll share later in my post. Beyond these nightmares brewing on the horizon like a glossy tempest on the cover of a meteorology textbook, I’ve still got my weekly musings, DOL 39, and other pieces.

  1. The winning Flash Fiction piece to be turned into a novel was my story Rain. It was a close contest. Fairy Lake was just behind it. I feel like it was a sort of Wile. E Coyote and Roadrunner type of chase, minus the seismic explosions. I’m thrilled about this project, especially since it’ll take me out of my comfort zone and make me grow as a writer. I never thought Rain would be the winner of the contest, nor do I think any of the Flash Fiction pieces in the running to exist in the novel would be there. It used to scare me to be surprised as a writer. Now, I enjoy it. It’s like turning a game up to the highest difficultly level and seeing how long you last.
  2. I’d like to share a little look into my writing process with The Greenland Diaries. I never work on this series unless its warm outside, or full of plants. I need the sensory details of omnipresent heat and botany. The environment of the Greenland Diaries is meant to be overpowering, like some faceless visage locked you in a conservatory and devoured the key. I write the entire first draft of the novel by hand in a moleskin notebook, or a cheaper knock-off. I do this to get the raw journal feel, so you actually feel like the perspective is this frantic guy in a deserted house dodging god-like monsters. To create an authentic perspective, you kind of have to change your environment a little bit to hit the details the audience wants.
  3. Dealing with waves of sickness at my house. My wife, kids, and myself are constantly sick. This is yet another thing you overlook when you become a father. I feel powerless when my family is ill. I can hear them being uncomfortable, but I can’t do anything about it. You just wish health was as easy as a dungeon-crawler video game. I would use a metric ton of potions, cure spells, and revives on my family to get them right. I would gladly be the healer and not the tank in my guild. I would cast aside all those chauvinist stereotypes and don my silky robe to rain some sparkled light down upon my illness stricken family.
  4. Watched Captain America: Civil War. It was very good, though the Black Panther and Spider Man seized the show like some sort of mind controlling parasite. The Black Panther looked ultra cool, his suit was more aesthetically appealing than any of the other marvel characters. Spider Man was exactly like I imagine him. An idealistic, wise-cracking kid who is powerful enough to take down a whole host of Avengers himself. I couldn’t have enjoyed the movie more. The Russo brothers are talented directors and show runners. Community is my favorite show of all time. The first three seasons of Community are fantastic. They left after the third season. Civil War shows off their range, along with their natural ability to tell any story.
  5.  Nice to see summer and spring more. Living in Minnesota, you’re blessed with all seasons. Winter has its charm, but the beast is changing and becoming less like itself. Gone are those legendary tales from shell-shocked grandparents about the below zero temperatures and the march to school though an ice age wasteland. Someday, I still want to live by the ocean. It’s nice having all these lakes and rivers, but the limitless of the deep blue is like living on the boundary of space. You’re on the other side of an enchanted door. You can step below the surface anytime you want. Fantasy can rub against reality.

4 thoughts on “Monday Musings 5/16

  1. The merry-go-round of bacteria, I know. The child picks it up at school, they give you some bacteria, they may not get sick but you do. And by the time one recovers the next one falls ill.


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