Switching Gears

Hey everyone! So I’m going into a different place with my writing for a little while. Recently, I’ve been writing and blogging on my site at an alarming rate. Nonfiction, Flash Fiction, and musings are being published on a weekly basis, which has put a considerable strain on my creativity. I did this to get the stories out of me. To purge my soul of so many things that have happened to me. It was sort of a spiritual cleanse to bring me back into the modern world. Except for a few of the posts published in both of my Flash Fiction and Nonfiction categories, these are all stories I’ve been thinking about or planning since I was 15 years old. They’ve run out. I’ve moved on to new material. I’m in the present world now, instead of living in the past like some dusty book jacket in a haunted basement. The old stories have run out. The new stories are pouring in like an amber cocktail in some pub with neon edges.

When I really started writing What the Basement Said, I was just tired of waiting and playing through the processes of creative writing. I was impatient, so I blogged tirelessly, and pixel-forged these scraps of fiction and nonfiction. I need to get the stories out of me. I’ve spent the last six months working tirelessly to cleanse my being of the past through narrative. I’ve achieved it. I’ve made it back to reality. It felt like I was on that train between the spirit world and reality that hovers along the melodic rainwater in Spirited Away.

The exclamation point to this push towards reality could only be my acceptance of my suicide attempt in 2012, and my essay about it. I recently published the story about it on here. It was called And I Heard the Siren Call. I also read the story out loud at one of my readings and at an Open Mic at North Hennepin Community College. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done to talk about this vulnerability. I actually started to panic while reading it, and sort of wanted to vomit. This has never happened before. The outpouring of support I’ve received about this story has truly been incredible. Thank you everyone for the kind words. Recently, a colleague of mine asked me what I wanted to do with my writing. They asked what was the purpose of my writing, what did I intend for it to do.

I quickly answered back: “I want to help people with my writing.”

Writing these nonfiction pieces about the things that have happened to me take a lot out of Confronting the mistakes, insecurities, and tragedies that have befallen me is not easy, especially in the narrative form where I feel compelled to be honest and clear. I have used fiction as a buffer to get my voice to nonfiction. I’ve literally created hundreds of monsters, abominations, creatures, villains, demons, devils, and beasts to just be able to write about my depression.

It has taken a long time. Nearly 15 years.

So I find myself switching gears in what I want to do with this blog. I will still update this blog weekly, with a Monday Musing and an entry on DOL 39. However, I will be publishing the Flash Fiction in a collection of short stories like I did for Seven Monsters. I will also be focusing the majority of my energies on The Greenland Diaries: Days 141 – 200, which is set to be released in Crypticon 2016 here in Minnesota. I will also be working on another project. I always focus on my novel writing around summer. The hot air and plants give me with perfect sensory details for The Greenland Diaries I felt like it was only fair to sort of describe what was going on after having updated this blog so rabidly for the last six months.

Thank you everyone for your continued support and kindness. I couldn’t do it without you. Writing stories and helping people through diction is like oxygen for me. I need it to breathe.

Thank you all so very much.


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